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Yuan Yao looked at the sky before turning her head to Han Li. In a sincere tone, she said, “In four hours time, the Yin Qi will be at its strongest. That’s when I’ll begin to use the Soulrise Technique. The entire process will take three days so during that time, I will have to trouble you to guard me.”

Han Li nodded and looked around the valley. He frowned, asking, “Apart from the illusion formation, there seems to be nothing else. Won’t it be dangerous if a strong enemy were to fully occupy my attention and leave you vulnerable?”

Yuan Yao bit her lip and spoke with a hint of helplessness, “I know, but I don’t possess anymore powerful spell formation tools, and didn’t I have much time to prepare. So it’s a risk I have to take.”

Han Li crossed his arms and held his chin in his hand, before saying, “In that case, leave the spell formations to me! I still have a few sets of spell formation tools that hold decent strength. Although they are by no means exceptional, it’s still better than leaving you undefended.”

Since he had already decided to help, he may as well do his best!

When Yuan Yao heard him, her eyes shined delight as she said, “Brother Han, you’re proficient in the Dao of Formation Spells? Since that’s the case, I will feel much more at ease when I’m undergoing the ritual. Thank you for your troubles!”

Han Li silently smiled in return and then took off to the skies and examined the valley’s surroundings.

He slowly descended back onto the island a short moment later as he thought thought, ‘Since time is short, I should start putting down the formations right away!’

With that, Han Li began to wave his arms and produced slivers of consciousness, summoning over a dozen huge ape puppets at his side. He then took out many sets of spell formation tools and handed them to the puppets. Han Li stood there and used his spiritual sense to control the puppets and had them start laying down formations around the valley.

Yuan Yao curiously gazed at the puppets’ movements for a moment, but then began to hurriedly make her own preparations. The Soulrise Technique was no trivial affair! To fully employ the technique, it required extremely careful preparations. Additionally, one needed to test the formation on the ground to avoid any mistakes from occurring part way through.

Elsewhere on the island, Han Li managed to place down five moderately powerful spell formations within two hours with the aid of his ape puppets. Although they wouldn’t be able to withstand persistent attacks from a Core Formation cultivator, they would be more than enough to deal with any Foundation Establishment cultivators.

At the heart of the valley, Yuan Yao finished placing down all of the spirit stones for the spell formation, and struck the crux of the formation with an incantation seal, activating the spell formation. In response, the spell formation began to hum and flicker with a jet-black light. Eerie strands of black Qi suddenly

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