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Han Li swept his gaze over his surroundings. Ensuring that no one was nearby, he slapped his spirit beast pouch and had a single black-tainted Gold Devouring Beetle silently fly out. Then with great difficulty, he managed to command it with a sliver of spiritual sense. The insect then shot toward the stone room with a buzz and slipped in through a small crack.

The building was extremely quiet.

Han Li inwardly sneered and walked back to his residence without looking behind him. By the time he had turned a corner, he heard a miserable wail from the middle-aged man’s residence.

Han Li pursed his lips and expressionlessly continued on his way. However, the disturbance had already began to attract the attention of the villagers.

Since the middle-aged man was all but guaranteed to come for revenge, it would be better to cleanly deal with him while Han Li still had use of his magic power and spiritual sense. Otherwise, the man would remain a worry on his mind.

The remaining magic power that had been produced by the Transient Spirit Qi had disappeared by the time he returned to his residence. Likewise, his spiritual sense was once again incapable of leaving his body. Han Li could only shake his head in helplessness as he hurried back.

After walking into the room, he found Mei Ning lying down on the bed. From the rhythm of her soft breaths, it seemed she had fallen asleep a while ago.

When Han Li saw her sleeping figure, he recalled the kiss from not long before and felt his heart roil. But after seeing the woman’s figure coldly curled up on the bed, he hesitated for a moment before fetching a large piece of demon beast hide from the pile of materials on the table and placing it on top of the woman.

She soon relaxed her expression, and she unconsciously rolled the beast hide around her, remaining soundly asleep.

Han Li couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.

This turn of events was of no surprise. Although she possessed a body that was far superior to ordinary mortals, she was still a member of the fairer sex and both her mind and body must’ve been exhausted from all that happened. As a result, she had unintentionally fallen asleep.

Han Li smiled and then turned his attention to the pile of materials on the desk with a strange expression appearing in his eyes.

Not long after, Mei Ning slowly roused from her slumber. Before her eyes were entirely open, she heard a calm voice speak, “If Fellow Daoist Mei is awake, then please get up. We will be busy with preparations over the next two days.”

After she heard Han Li’s words, her face reddened and she sat up. Naturally, the demon beast hide fell off as a result.

This surprised her and she glanced in the direction of Han Li’s voice with a complicated expression.

Han Li was currently sitting in a chair and was handling a rather large piece of demon beast hide. After Mei Ning rose, he smiled at her.

“Would Fellow Daoist Mei happen to be skilled in

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