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After hearing the skeletal man’s description of the formation, a scowl momentarily appeared on the old man’s face. “Humph! That woman stole all of the young master’s technique records during that day, so it isn’t strange for her to be able to do this. After I break through the spell formations, I will have to trouble you Fellow Daoists to assist me.”

“Relax, even if the woman possesses exceptional powers, it is still impossible for her to escape.” The skeletal man smiled and spoke with a careless expression.

The old man agreed and clutched his hands in an incantation gesture as a blinding yellow radiance suddenly erupted from his hands. “Break!” As the old man shouted, the yellow radiance left his hands and struck the mountains down below.

The blast produced a rumble that echoed throughout the air. The scene of the mountain began to ripple in a manner similar to a large rock suddenly dropping into a serene pond. With a ripple of white light, the scene underwent a massive change, revealing beautiful, verdant mountain along with massive fluctuations of spiritual Qi.

“This is?” The skeletal and fiendish man gazed at the scene in astonishment and couldn't help becoming dazed with their mouths gaping open.

Old man Ding swept his gaze past the two and proudly said, “Hehe, this is my sect’s secret Spirit Constraining Formation. It is one of the only spell formations in the world capable of concealing spiritual Qi. That witch’s cultivation is insufficient and she was only capable of concealing a portion of the spiritual Qi. If our own Martial Ancestor were to personally place down this formation, it would be easy for him to prevent it from leaking even a trace of spiritual Qi.”

Han Li was astonished by this as well, and his heart stirred after hearing the old man’s explanation. If he could acquire the method for creating the Spirit Constraining Formation, his cave residences in the future would be far safer.

Following the disappearance of the illusion formation, a stone gate was revealed by a pulse of green light at the center of the mountain. It seemed to indicate the location of Yuan Yao’s cave residence.

“Let’s begin our attack.” A malicious glint appeared in the old man’s eyes.

The skeletal man nodded and shot out a strange black edge from his mouth. The weapon was rather odd, appearing to be half saber and half sword. As for the fierce man, he let out a roar and hurled a halberd with an ominous, cold aura towards the mountain. Han Li was shocked to see such a massive weapon being used as a magic treasure. Such a weapon was a rare sight indeed amongst cultivators.

The old man had personally spat a white flying sword out of his mouth with a shout. But when he saw that Han Li had yet to take action, he couldn’t help but be puzzled and ask, “Fellow Daoist, why haven’t you...”

Han Li faintly smiled and was about to casually make up an excuse when the mountain door suddenly opened, and a green light burst out

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