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Upon seeing the sudden changes of their surroundings and hearing Senior Martial Brother Qiu's words, the cultivators on the platform were momentarily shocked and then hurriedly stood up, wearing respectful and attentive expressions. All of the cultivators there knew that if they were to enter the great Drifting Cloud Sect, they absolutely couldn't afford to leave a bad impression with the three men standing on the tower.

Senior Martial Brother Qiu revealed a satisfied expression upon seeing the vagrant cultivators being so tactful.

Senior Martial Brother Qiu slowly said with a solemn expression, "You Fellow Daoists should all know the criteria by which we accept disciples. That being the case, I won't go into detail. Let's have our Fellow Daoists who possess tri-attribute, dual-attribute, or special spiritual roots walk forward.”

The crowd stirred at this and after a short moment, only four people walked forward, three men and a woman.

Senior Martial Brother Qiu swept his gaze over those four and calmly said, “You four will follow Junior Martial Brother Liu who will be in charge of evaluating your cultivation aptitudes.”

At that moment, the pale faced youth stepped forward and wordlessly waved his arm. A white streak of light then flew out from his sleeve and circled in the air before turning into a huge embroidered scarf that gently floated about a meter off the ground.

The pale-faced youth appeared atop the scarf magic tool in a blur and expressionlessly said, "Climb on. I'll bring you four to another place and examine your aptitudes there. Those that are unsuitable will naturally be sent back."

When the four heard this, they glanced at each other with slight hesitation before climbing onto the scarf. The pale-faced youth then clutched his hands in an incantation gesture and caused the scarf to glow with white light before it set off through the sky in a streak of white light.

After sending off the pale-faced youth, Senior Martial Brother Qiu glanced down at those who remained and continued, "Those with cultivations at the tenth layer and higher, step forward and follow Junior Martial Brother Yu. So long as anyone doesn't have too much a problem with their identities, they will be able to enter the sect. As for you remaining Fellow Daoists, if you wish to enter the sect, then you are required to pass a test before you will be taken in. If you fail, I can only ask you all to diligently cultivate for several more years and come back once you've improved.” Once that was said, an uproar occurred amongst the crowd. Apart from a few peculiar individuals, a majority of them revealed a disappointed expression.

It seemed the standards of this selection would be far more strict and caused a few cultivators hoping for a fluke to grow greatly dispirited. Although he did say they could participate in a test to still join the sect, everyone knew that they were words spoken out of politeness.

After all, with the numbe

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