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“Stop!” A man’s voice ordered from within the chariot as it came to an immediate stop along with the streaks of red light that accompanied it.

Soon after, each of the red radiances disappeared to reveal young beautiful women, each wearing light green palace robes. They had their black hair rolled up in a bun and two swords on their back. These female Foundation Establishment cultivators stood at the sides of the chariot and had their heads bowed in solemn expressions.

An astonished voice came from the chariot, “How strange! How can there be someone using a heretical, heaven-defying technique here? From the Yin Qi that’s gathered, it seems to be the Soulrise Technique rather than the Sunform Technique.”

A young woman’s voice soon followed, “With such an astonishing heavenly omen, why can’t it be the appearance of a wondrous treasure?” Although her tone was chilling, it carried an unconcealable sweet allure.

The first voice chuckled and spoke with confidence, “You think I can’t differentiate between a heretical technique and the appearance of a treasure?”

After a moment of silence, the woman icily snorted and bluntly said, “That’s just what you say, perhaps it truly is an omen of a treasure appearing. In any case, I can’t tell the difference between the two.”

“It you want to know whether or not it’s true, then how about we go take a look! Regardless of whether it’s the Sunform Technique or the Soulrise Technique, they both require a Core Formation cultivation to perform. Additionally, one’s cultivation would greatly suffer after performing such a technique. Even having one’s cultivation drop an entire stage is to be expected. I am quite curious to see who is performing this technique. If their cultivation is deep enough, then let’s take them in. Our Divine Dove Hall is currently lacking a few enforcers!” The man appeared exceptionally indulgent to the woman.

The woman hesitated for a moment before agreeing, “Fine, the beast chariot has flown for nearly a month, and I am feeling somewhat bored. Let’s go to the island for some relief.”

“Just a moment. I’ll disable the protective barrier!”

Soon after he said this, the chariot flashed with white light and the radiance slowly faded, revealing the man and woman sitting within.

The hemp-robed man appeared to be in his late twenties and had his head held high, giving him an elegant and refined appearance. As a result of an unknown cultivation art, his forehead faintly glowed with golden light.

At his side sat a young woman that appeared to be in her late teens. She was dressed in white muslin robes, with skin as smooth as jade, and long, black satin-like hair. However, the woman’s complexion was deathly pale, giving her the dream-like appearance of an otherworldly Immortal.

The young woman leaned against a corner of the chariot and frowned as if she were displeased, but after seeing the light barrier dissolve, her expression stirred as she stood up and left

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