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Although Han Li and Mei Ning were new arrivals, the guards merely glanced at them without asking any questions. Instead, they surrounded the returnees and excitedly asked them a few questions. As a result, the large men gave them a glance at the fish and prawn in their bags before the guards cried out in surprise.

Han Li furrowed his brows at the sight. It seemed that food was a scarce resource here.

Soon after, Han Li swept his eyes across the entire village.

The entire village was within the protection of the tall stone walls, and all of its buildings were crudely carved cubes made from the same pitch-black stone as the walls. There was also a small stone platform built at the center of the village that was several times taller than the other buildings. Additionally, the top of the platform seem to emit a faint purple fog that permeated through the entire village. It seemed to completely absorb any of the blue lightning that happened to strike the village. The purple fog was undoubtedly some kind of spell formation, but Han Li was unable to perceive the slightest spiritual Qi inside the stone walls. Instead, he only felt a cold Yin energy lingering in the air.

Although his spiritual sense was still trapped within his body, he could still keenly sense spiritual Qi. Han Li was bewildered as to why this was the case.

The lean man’s group had entered the village and already arrived at a large hall near the platform. There were a group of people outside the hall that were gesturing and whispering with the lean man’s group when one of them looked in Han Li’s direction with a deep gaze.

Han Li felt his heart tremble. That person possessed the deepest inner strength of anyone he had encountered in this land.

Were it in the outside world, Han Li could’ve easily killed him with a twirl of his finger and ignored him. But as Han Li was now, he would have to strive his hardest to deal with him. At that moment, the lean man had approached the group of people and said something to them before turning around and pointing at Han Li and Mei Ning. The group then turned their gazes to Han Li.

Han Li remained silent and revealed no fear, but to his side, Mei Ning revealed nervousness from not knowing what they had in mind for them.

The lean man beckoned to the two and said, “You two, come over. The village elders have some questions for you.”

Han Li nodded his head and calmly walked over with Mei Ning in tow.

The group of people that had been standing outside had already turned around and entered the hall, and Han Li soon followed.

A plump old man that sat at the center of the hall gazed at them with a kind expression and said, “Please, sit. Since we are all human, we will naturally do our best to aid one another. However, there is much that is different in this world from the outside. How about you two first introduce yourselves before I start introducing you to this land?”

The others sat down at his side, and

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