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The sea beast corpse before them was over a dozen meters long. It had azure scales on its body and small, sharp teeth. It also had massively swollen eyes. It appeared quite fiendish, but what was most noticeable about its appearance were the crooked tusks that grew from the bottom of its cheeks.

Han Li grew closer to the corpse and carefully examined it several times before a flicker of understanding appeared in his eyes. He then cleaved the demon corpse into two with a streak of swordlight.

With a wave of his hand, a pitch-black item flew into his grasp. He took a whiff of it without any hesitation and found that it had an odd pungent smell that faintly contained a trace of flowery fragrance.

Han Li tossed the item away and revealed a strange expression as he muttered, “So its a Fragrant Tusk Beast.”

“Fragrant Tusk Beast?” Violet Spirit was stunned and glanced at Mei Ning. The two women revealed a trace of confusion as it was their first time of hearing such a name.

“It is natural that you two wouldn’t know of this sea beast. These beasts are absent in the Scattered Star Seas. They are unique to these strange depths.”

Fairy Violet Spirit gravely said, “From your tone, it seems Brother Han already knows that we are no longer in the Scattered Star Seas.”

Han Li swept his gaze past the dull ocean and nodded his head with a wry smile, “That is correct. We are no longer in the Scattered Star Seas. Although I’ve never been here before, I’ve heard many people speak of it. If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, this place should be the Endless Seas.” He then turned his head to the sky and silently became lost in thought.

“The Endless Seas?” They clearly hadn’t heard of this name before.

Violet Spirit muttered to herself before wearing a smile and gently asking, “Brother Han seems to hold some knowledge of these seas. Could you give us sisters an explanation?”

Han Li awoke from his indescribable wave of emotion calmly nodded his head, “Of course. That won’t be a problem. As the term implies, the Endless Seas is known to the Heavenly South Region to be without end. It...” Han Li leisurely began to speak of the legends and hearsays of the Endless Seas in full detail. At the same time he spoke, a question buried deeply in his heart began to surface after remaining there for such a long time.

With a tone of astonishment, Violet Spirit said, “From Brother Han’s words, this Endless Seas should be north of the Heavenly South Region. And not only is there little life in these seas, but there also exists no islands.”

Han Li rubbed his nose and calmly replied, “That’s is right, much to our great distress. Without islands, we fundamentally have no method of determining our location. We have no way of knowing how far we are from the Heavenly South Continent.”

The two women couldn’t help but look at each other dismay.

After some thought, Han Li firmly said, “Regardless, we must head south without delay and reach th

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