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Inside the silver light barrier, Han Li raised his head and took a drop of spirit milk before glancing down at the small bottle with a pensive expression.

It was the morning of the next day and he had now taken his fifth drop of spirit milk, but the golden light outside the light barrier still didn’t show the slightest sign of weakening. The flames, however, had begun to shrink. It seemed Wen Tianren wouldn’t be able to sustain them for much longer, and Han Li would be able to escape fairly soon.

With that in mind, Han Li’s hand flashed with white light and he calmly placed the bottle back into his storage pouch. He then glanced at the Yin clouds in the sky and unconsciously frowned.

He had clearly seen the beam of green light shooting into the skies from the direction of the valley that seemed to have been caused by Yuan Yao’s spell ritual. Although he didn’t know what had specifically happened, based on the black clouds lowering down, it appeared that the Soulrise Technique had yet to finish.

As quickly as these thoughts appeared in Han Li’s mind, he buried them. He couldn’t afford to be concerned with anything else until after he escaped the prison of golden light.

After taking a deep breath, he felt his magic treasures begin to surge with excitement. At that same moment, the silver wings could faintly be seen once more from his back.

Floating above the golden flames, Wen Tianren no longer appeared as proud as when he had initially trapped Han Li. Instead, his face had begun to pale and a layer of faint black Qi had started to form. The golden horn on his forehead also appeared to be an inch shorter than the day before.

Wen Tianren gloomily scowled, but his heart brimmed with furious alarm as a faint trace of dread began to take hold.

When he had taunted Han Li that he would only be able to withstand the flames for an hour at most, he had been exaggerating. Knowing precisely how powerful the Divine Golden flames were, he had honestly believed that it would’ve been difficult for Han Li to persevere for even half an hour. As such, he had been willing to expend a bit of his Origin Qi to eliminate Han Li and prevent him from becoming an even greater problem in the future.

But an hour later, Han Li still showed no signs of wavering, somewhat surprising Wen Tianren.

When it had reached two hours, Wen Tianren was alarmed to find that Han Li had yet to turn to ash.

After four hours, Wen Tianren had started to feel trepidation after seeing how Han Li still endured.

He faintly felt that he had made a mistake, as Han Li hadn’t shown any fear at the prospect of contesting his magic power with Wen Tianren’s own. It was clear that Han Li either possessed some kind of item that allowed him to quickly replenish his magic power or had some other mysterious ability. According to what he knew, the only item that could allow this kind of replenishment of magic power was the extremely rare Myriad Year Spirit Milk.

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