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Kui Huan was delighted upon hearing Han Li agree to help him. After deciding on a time and place for Han Li to meet his group, he happily departed.

On the dawn of the following day, Han Li activated the restrictions on his cave residence and departed from the medicine garden. He then aloofly flew towards the agreed meeting spot on a flying sword magic tool.

It was quite hilarious. He hadn’t used flying magic tools ever since he reached Core Formation stage; it had been many years since he had last used one. This made it quite difficult for Han Li to find an unremarkable high grade magic tool in his storage pouches. He was unable to find any magic tools that were inferior to this one.

After flying for a quarter of a hour, Han Li arrived at the spot where he would meet Kui Huan, the top of a relatively tall hill.

Han Li wasn’t particularly surprised to see that no one else was here. He had arrived earlier than was arranged.

Han Li casually found a large, clean rock and sat cross-legged on it before meditating and basking in the nearby Heaven-Earth spiritual Qi.

Two hours later when the blazing sun began to appear over the horizon, several black dots slowly flew across the sky towards the hill. Han Li rubbed his nose at their pitifully slow flight and bitterly laughed.

After more time had passed, the group of people finally arrived on the hill at what Han Li considered to be a snail's pace.

“Junior Martial Brother Han, it is quite considerate of you to have arrived earlier than us.” Kui Huan shouted out to Han Li with a beaming smile. His group was currently flying on low grade disc magic tools that the sect distributed to all the disciples in the sect. It was no wonder why they were so slow.

Kui Huan then landed on the hill followed by three other Qi Condensation cultivators. Han Li stood up from the rock and turned his gaze to the other three. “It was nothing, I only just arrived. Are these three Senior Martial Brothers the rest of the party?”

“Hehe, with five people, we can assume the Five Elements Obscure Track Formation. There are many people, but a lack of spirit stones. These three are Senior Martial Brothers Ma, Xi, and Wang.” Kui Huan widely smiled as he pointed to the three behind him and gave them a quick introduction.

These three weren’t particularly old. The oldest amongst them was Senior Martial Brother Wang at the age of thirty-five. This man had a confident and scholarly appearance and possessed the highest cultivation among the four, at the eleventh layer of Qi Condensation.

As for the two other youths, one was short and stout while the other had a yellowish face. They appeared to be in their late twenties and both possessed a cultivation at the tenth layer of Qi Condensation.

Senior Martial Brother Wang seemed to possess an unordinary bearing. As soon he was introduced, he widely smiled at Han Li and said, “We’ve already heard about Junior Martial Brother Han. We owe much thanks

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