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In stark contrast to the conspicuous movements of the grey cloud, Han Li held out his right arm in complete silence as a faint layer of black Qi condensed on it. The black Qi pulsed and gradually grew denser, and when it had become as dense as ink, Han Li wore a grim expression on his face.

His entire right arm began to quickly swell, becoming over three times denser in an instant. There was even a layer of glaring blood light that shined from underneath the enveloping black Qi.

At that moment, Han Li raised his head to look at Wen Tianren.

The grey cloud had begun to release huge rumbles at a greater frequency, and had already expanded to an area of a hundred meters.

With hostility shining within Han Li’s eyes, he suddenly shouted, “Destroy!” His thick arm suddenly shrank and a beam of black and red light shot from his palm. The beam was ten meters long when it was released and arrived in front of the cloud in the blink of an eye while leaving behind a long strand of light in its wake.

Aware that this wasn’t something to underestimate, Wen Tianren had his ancient copper shield untangle itself from its confrontation from the huge swords and arrived in front of the cloud with a flash of brilliance.

The beam wasn’t blocked in the slightest and passed through the copper shield as if there was nothing there. Its futile attempt to block the beam had turned the shield to dust without the slightest sound.

A muffled groan sounded out as the beam passed through the cloud. In an instant, a black crack had appeared within it and the cloud began to dissolve after it was cleanly split into two. After splitting apart the clouds, the expanse of light traveled ten meters further before scattering into specks of starlight.

At that moment, from one of the clouds, Wen Tianrun howled with rage, “How dare you sever my arm!? I’ll have your life as payment!” Soon after that furious roar, the other cloud disappeared to reveal a severed arm floating in midair. From the cloth that remained on the arm, it appeared to be Wen Tianming’s left arm.

When Han Li saw this, his eyes narrowed and he instantly recalled the name of a legendary Devil Dao technique - Cataclysmic Graft!

This technique used a limb that had been refined in advance as a substitute to block an attack from reaching their body. With only a single thought, one could have their own limb take the place of any severe harm that came their way. It was particularly effective at handling curse type heretical techniques.

However, it was said that this legendary Devilish Dao secret technique could only be refined by Nascent Soul cultivators. It was beyond Han Li’s imagination for Wen Tianren to be able to fully use this technique.

As for the fearsome attack that Han Li had just used, it was a secret technique from the Profound Yin Scriptures called the Yin Devil Execution. It operated in a same manner as the Blood Spirit Drill. They both refined a portion of one’s base

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