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Han Li reckoned that there would be four Core Formation cultivators present on the last day at most. It was almost impossible for a Nascent Soul cultivator to just so happen to be nearby, this wasn’t the outer seas after all. In such a vast expanse of ocean, one would typically only find a few Core Formation cultivators at most, and at his current cultivation Han Li had nothing to fear from them. Although he didn’t wish to attract any attention, if those cultivators were unwilling to back down, he would have no choice but to act ruthlessly. Having come to that conclusion, Han Li’s face became expressionless, and he closed his eyes once more.

The three Foundation Establishment cultivators had already returned to where they had set off from, leaving Old Man Zhao quite baffled.

The old man probingly asked, “What happened? You three Fellow Daoists have already explored the island?”

A trace of fear appeared in the woman’s eyes and she shook her head, “We were too late. Another cultivator has already placed down restrictions near the area of the heavenly omen. The cultivator controls a few high level puppets, and spoke with a domineering tone. I reckon he was a Core Formation cultivator.”

The old man paused for a moment before saying, “A Core Formation cultivator? It seems there is more to this heavenly omen than meets the eye. It doesn’t seem to have been naturally formed. Could it be that a treasure has truly appeared?”

The white-clothed man stroked the flute in his hand and said, “Who knows? But it could be said that we were the first to arrive on the island. I suppose that the Core Formation cultivator was already on the island before the heavenly omen had occurred, and placed down spell formations beforehand. There appears to be a mystery there.”

Old Man Zhao muttered to himself for a moment and asked, “What did that Core Formation cultivator look like? Perhaps we might discover his identity from his appearance.”

The Mei siblings and the white-clothed man looked at each other in dismay.

The old man furrowed his brow and revealed a trace of doubt, “What? Did you not catch sight of his appearance?”

When the white-clothed man saw the old man’s expression, he recalled the matter from before and his face grew sullen. He said with obvious annoyance, “Humph! If Brother Zhao doubts our words, then he can go look for himself and see whether or not that Senior will treat you leniently. I don’t believe he will!”

The old man chuckled and replied, “Fellow Daoist misunderstands, it was but an impulsive question. Since the island already has a Core Formation Senior on it, then there is no place here for people of our cultivation, regardless of whether or not any treasures truly emerge.”

The man surnamed Mei curled his lips and indignantly said, “That might not be true! Even if he is a Core Formation cultivator, if we were to join hands with a dozen fellow Foundation Establishment Daoists, perhaps we may be able to ma

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