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The lean man turned his head toward Han Li and the woman and indifferently said, “I’m not sure whether I should say your luck is good or bad. You actually ran into an eruption of Spirit Extinguishing Qi! This causes far more tears in space to appear, and even experts are incapable of escaping them. But as a result, the umbra beasts that normally lay inside the mountain hollow had left. Otherwise, you would’ve immediately be torn apart upon falling inside.”

When Han Li heard this, his heart sank, but his expression remained unchanged. “I hope you’ll forgive me for being so bold, but could your esteemed self tell us exactly where we are? From your tone, it seems this place is quite dangerous.”

The lean man examined the two’s clothing and saw that they didn’t seem to be ordinary people and wryly smiled, “Dangerous? Hehe! That’s about right. Regardless of whatever identities or statuses you may have held on the outside, here in the Umbra Realm, you’re just people that need to struggle to survive. If you can’t move or make yourself useful, you will end up as umbra beast food.”

Han Li frowned and wanted to ask more questions but the lean mean impatiently waved his hand, “We’re pressed for time. The explanations will have to wait until after we return to the village. In just a moment, the umbra beasts will return to their nests and we’ll have to quickly block this secret entrance so that we can use it again in the future.” After he said this, he turned to the people behind him and started harshly giving them commands.

The men and women began to grab nearby stones and started to hurriedly stack them tightly against the hole.

The lean man gazed at the Yin clouds in the sky and his face darkened. “Let’s go. If everything goes smoothly, Ah Hu and the others will meet us on the way. But if we dawdle, the Yin winds will appear and we won’t be able to return.” After saying this, he turned around and left as the rest of people closely followed after him without a word. None of them ever called out to Han Li or the woman.

When Han Li saw this, an odd expression flickered through his eyes as he began to ponder over the current situation.

The beautiful woman beside Han Li watched as the group grew distant. Seeing that Han Li appeared pensive, she couldn’t help but worriedly ask, “Should we follow them?”

Without any magic power, she had turned into a frail and bewildered mortal. Since Han Li appeared calm this entire time, she had instinctively begun to rely on him.

Han Li raised his head and calmly said, “There’s no reason not to, so let’s go take a look at their so-called village. Perhaps we’ll think of something once we’re there and are able to recover our magic power.” He then headed in the direction the others had gone with large strides.

The woman let out a breath of relief and followed after him.

“Ah, yes. I still don’t know your name. My surname is Han, I am a vagrant cultivator.”

“I am Mei Ning. I was toget

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