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At Han Li’s current cultivation, even without using either the blood-red cloak or the Thunderstorm Wings, he was capable of flying at an astonishing speed. In less than half a month, Han Li arrived at the desolate island that had once been the location of the Exquisite Sound Sect’s hidden city. After sweeping his spiritual sense across the island, he didn’t find a single soul. It seemed he would have to search for humans elsewhere and acquire the information from them.

Han Li glanced around before casually choosing a direction, and disappearing in a streak of azure light.

Since the Exquisite Sound Sect had moved after establishing their city on this island, they shouldn’t have moved far away. Additionally, the nearby seas should be an area where some of the surviving human cultivators have gathered. Han Li was confident that with his vast spiritual sense, he would be able to find some human cultivators without much effort. As expected, about half a day later, Han Li discovered traces of many human cultivators on a medium sized island.

Looking down from the sky, he saw many male and female cultivators being besieged by two grade four demon beasts from the nearby seas.

When Han Li spotted a few familiar faces among them, he faintly smiled.

Soon after, he used the appearance exchange art to assume the form of a dark-skinned, middle-aged man. He then casually launched two azure swordstreaks at the demon beasts with a wave of his hand. With a flash of light, a hole appeared through the heads of each of the demon beasts as they fell to the ground.

This sudden display had alarmed the many cultivators below, and they immediately turned their heads towards the sky to discover Han Li. An uproar arose among the cultivators at the appearance of the newly arrived expert.

After consulting amongst themselves, a large man with an embroidered robe eventually flew towards Han Li.

“Many thanks for Senior’s assistance. Is there anything that us Juniors may help you with?”

Although the large, embroidered-robed man spoke with a respectful tone, a trace of unease could be seen on his face. Just why did this Core Formation cultivator suddenly appear at this island?

Han Li didn’t immediately respond upon seeing the embroidered-robed man, Yi Jing, who had teleported with Han Li to Profound Depths Island. Han Li narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze past the rest of the cultivators, only to recognize the scar-faced man Xu Yun. None of the other cultivators that had arrived at Wondrous Depths Island along with him were present.

As for Yi Jing and Xu Yun, it seemed they had failed at forming their cores, as they were still at the late Foundation Establishment despite the many years that had passed.

Yi Jing grew somewhat nervous upon seeing Han Li continue looming in silence. After a moment of hesitation, he was about to speak again when Han Li cut him off, “I am looking for the Exquisite Sound Sect’s hidden city. Do you know t

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