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On a flat cliff on Stormwind Mountain stood a huge silver ape that was over forty meters tall. It was beating its chest while carrying Han Li, Mei Ning, and Violet Spirit on its back.

Han Li gravely stared at the sky in silence while the two women’s faces were pale, faintly revealing a trace of panic.

There were over a thousand umbra beasts circling above them. There were beasts that were over twenty meters in length along with those that were only a foot long, all with wings that sprouted out from between their ribs. But regardless of size, they all looked fierce and malevolent without exception. However, these flying umbra beasts seemed to fear the overbearing pressure of the transformed Weeping Soul Beast and didn’t dare to draw closer to them. They merely stayed in a deadlock by flying in circles above them.

Han Li felt somewhat uneasy. From the greed revealed inside the umbra beasts’ eyes, it was unclear how long their patience would hold before they started to attack.

At the moment, Han Li was cursing the plump old man who had given him the information regarding the mountain. Although he did say that there were flying umbra beasts, he didn’t say that they existed in such large quantities. It was unknown whether it had been deliberately concealed or if it truly wasn't known.

After passing through the area with the dense fog, they had originally believed that they could have a moment of respite. However, they didn’t expect for these flying beasts to immediately surround them. Helpless, Han Li could only release the Weeping Soul Beast and have it transform.

Han Li was completely confident in the Weeping Soul Beast’s abilities at restraining umbra beasts, but there were truly too many in the sky. Han Li was unsure if the Weeping Soul Beast could deal with so many of them. But having reached this point, Han Li couldn’t afford to think about it much more and could only do his utmost.

Having come to that conclusion, Han Li turned around and whispered something to the scared Mei Ning and Violet Spirit. Afterwards, he handed them a small piece of jade and a soft beast hide shield. He then shook his sleeves and over ten daggers fell onto the ground with a series of clangs.

Each of the daggers had a thin string of beast tendon tied around the hilt, connecting them to each of Han Li’s fingers. However, Han Li had yet to control ten of them at one time, making it an unprecedented display.

With his preparations completed, the umbra beasts above finally lost their patience and attacked.

The largest among them, a three headed umbra beast, suddenly let out a terrifying shriek and swooped down without any regard for the Weeping Soul Beast’s strength.

The battle had finally begun!

At the same moment the demon beasts attacked, the huge ape took a deep breath and shut its mouth before spewing a mist of silver light from its nose, enveloping most of the umbra beasts in the air. These umbra beasts immediately rele

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