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Han Li turned towards Yuan Yao and leisurely said, “So that’s why there was a spirit spring placed here. It was to nourish the tree. I do desire the Myriad Year Spirit Milk, but the Soul Nourishing Tree is also quite interesting.”

Upon hearing that, Yuan Yao’s expression instantly became ice-cold.

“Relax. Having so many years of rich nourishment, the tree can't be small. And I only want a portion of its roots. I won’t fight over the trunk, the most important part of the tree.”

Yuan Yao’s expression softened, but her eyes contained a trace of doubt, “You only want the roots?”

Han Li said with a blank expression, “Naturally, I also want the Myriad Year Spirit Milk that you offered to me earlier as well.”

Yuan Yao’s eyes slightly shifted as she made her own conclusions about Han Li’s intentions. She sweetly chuckled, “Hehe! Brother Han is quite shrewd. The Soul Nourishing Tree’s roots will certainly fetch a high price from many sects. Regardless, I will agree to those terms.”

Even with this, she was still relieved.

Han Li smiled and offered no further explanation.

Yuan Yao chuckled, “Let us start on breaking through the formation. I’ll give Fellow Daoist Han an explanation of what I’ve learned about the formation spell.” It seemed as though she was in even more of a hurry than Han Li.

“Before we start, I must ask whether or not Lady Yuan plans on taking the spirit spring.” Han Li pointed to the pond with a mysterious smile.

Yuan Yao coquettishly said, “Is Brother Han joking? This spirit spring has been bonded with the entire Inner Halls by the Master of Heavenvoid Hall using profound restrictions. Had I possessed the ability to take it, I would’ve directly aimed for the Heavenvoid Cauldron instead of hiding down here.”

When Han Li heard this, he appeared slightly disappointed, but after some thought, he broke out into laughter.

It seems he had become far too greedy. Upon spotting a treasure, he thought to immediately acquire it. This was not a good omen. If this were to continue, he would likely meet his death as a result of greed.

With that thought, Han Li steadied his mind before continuing with a solemn voice, “Fellow Daoist Yuan should hand over the spirit milk first before we start talking about the formation spell. With our combined efforts, we’ll be able to break through the formation in no more than two days.

When Yuan Yao heard this, her sweet smile was replaced with a ghastly expression.


Two days later about twenty kilometers away from Heavenvoid Hall, a man and woman emerged from a flash of white light above the sea.

The man appeared quite ordinary. Apart from his clear eyes, there was nothing exceptional about his appearance. As for the woman, she was as dainty as a flower, and her bright, lively eyes suggested that her grace was limitless. When the two emerged, they vigilantly examined their surroundings. Upon seeing that there were no other cultivators nearby, th

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