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The middle-aged man let out a long breath, and muttered, “Senior doesn’t know about the Beast Torrent? It seems that Senior has secluded himself for many years and isn’t informed on the affairs of the outside world.”

“From your tone, the circumstances sound quite grim!” Although the man’s voice was quite cold, his words carried a trace of interest.

The middle-aged cultivator was speechless. The circumstances on the outside couldn’t just be described as ‘grim’! It seemed this old eccentric had secluded himself for who knows how many years. How else could he be ignorant of the disastrous event that took place twenty years ago?

However, this was of great relief to him. With this Senior’s cultivation, he should feel like it would be beneath his dignity to attack them for anything that they might have.

With that thought in mind, he middle-aged man wore a respectful expression, replying, “Senior! The Beast Torrent was an event that occurred about twenty years ago. At that time, Junior was only a Qi Condensation cultivator. Although I hadn’t personally witnessed it, I’ve heard many Seniors in my sect speak about it. It was said that countless demon beasts emerged from the depths without warning and rushed towards Wondrous Depths Island. They had completely surrounded Blackrock City and launched fierce attacks at it without end. Although the island was protected by several great formations and was defended by several thousand cultivators along with a party of Nascent Soul Seniors, the demon beasts broke through in only a matter of days. Apart from a small fraction of cultivators that were able to escape in the chaos, the rest were all slain.”

The middle-aged cultivator spoke with a dim expression.

“Something like that happened!? And the aftermath? Did the demon beasts return to the depths?” The man’s voice momentarily revealed a trace of shock before calming down.

“Matters would’ve taken a turn for the better had they had just returned to the depths. After turning Blackrock City into ruins, they divided into several groups, each led by a few high grade demon beasts. Then they started to wipe out other human villages and establishments. However, information of the torrent had reached a majority of them beforehand and their people managed to flee and go into hiding. Still, there were many cultivators and mortals that were eliminated by these attacks. As a result, nearly half a year passed by where not a single human settlement existed. They had all been wiped out by the demon beasts, and this wasn’t the end. Although most of the demon beasts returned to the depths, there were a few intelligent high grade demon beasts that had started to search for humans in hiding, devouring them one by one. It was said that after a short time, mortals in the outer seas had been nearly wiped out, and a majority of the cultivators had fallen as well. Fortunately, there were a few islands far from Wondrous Depths Island that the cultivators were

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