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Han Li felt somewhat astonished upon hearing the person’s voice.

The sea beneath him rippled and flashed with white light before revealing a cultivator slowly flying out from the sea.

The new arrival wore the white attire of the Star Palace, possessed long black hair, and had an emerald-green headband embedded with jade.

Upon being able to clearly see the person’s appearance, Han Li revealed slight amazement.

The person had flawless white skin, thick dark eyebrows, delicate red lips, pointed eyes, and a thin nose. The Star Palace cultivator was undoubtedly beautiful, but what shocked Han Li was that he couldn’t tell whether the person was a man or a woman.

If this person was a woman, one might say that her mouth formed a natural smile and that her every movement carried a trace of confidence and ease. If one were to say the person was a man, then one might say that his beautiful appearance held an unconcealable charm, one that proved fatally attractive towards other men.

“Although I do not know your esteemed name, I am grateful for your rescue. I am the Star Palace’s External Affairs Enforcer, Ling Yuling.” While the person’s voice was pleasant, it was neutral in pitch. This caused Han Li to frown and feel apprehension.

This person reminded him of the Harmonious Bond Sect’s Young Master Tian [1.The ‘gorgeous man’ first introduced in chapter 257. http://www.wuxiaworld.com/rmji-index/rmji-chapter-257/] from the Heavenly South Region’s Devil Dao. But after some more thought, he felt that they were completely different. While Young Master Tian may have been extremely gorgeous, his mannerisms and voice were clearly that of a man.

[TL Note: Since there are no gender neutral singular pronouns in English, Ling Yuling will be addressed as ‘he’, despite having an indeterminate gender.]

As for this Ling Yuling fellow, although “his” actions were that of a man’s, he held an indescribably effeminate aura. Moreover, with the deep magnetism in his voice, it was even more difficult to differentiate him as a man or woman.

“I am Han Li. My previous actions took but a slight effort. Had they not forced my hand, I wouldn’t have attacked them.” Although he still felt shocked, he didn’t reveal any hint of it on his face.

“Regardless, I am still very grateful towards you.” Ling Yuling smiled sweetly, casually producing a flirtatious charm.

Han Li felt his heart coldly tremble. As he still didn’t know whether or not he was a man or a woman, he could only turn a blind eye toward Ling Yuling’s beauty.

Ling Yuling retrieved his smile with eyes flickering in thought. He then solemnly said, “Is the reason why Fellow Daoist is in a hurry because he wishes to go to Heavenly Star City? The city should’ve already been locked down, and it would be quite difficult to enter. If Fellow Daoist is willing, I would be happy to take you into the city as compensation for your rescue.”

When Ling Yuling said this, Han Li felt somewh

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