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Inspiring awe in all those who witnessed his passage, Han Li eventually arrived in the nearby seas of the Heavenly Star City. As he was only a few days away, Han Li put away his blood-red cloak and resumed traveling as an ordinary streak of light.

Currently, the Scattered Star Seas were in disarray and it was possible that a Nascent Soul cultivator would be nearby. As Han Li didn’t wish to capture the attention of such a powerful individual, he moved in a more inconspicuous manner. Fortunately, he hadn’t heard any news of the Starfall Coalition appearing nearby. Much to his relief, it seemed he had managed to arrive in time.

He had arrived at the outskirts of the last intermediary island before Heavenly Star City. Although it wasn’t large, it held many cultivators from the Star Palace. It seemed they were the forward sentries for Heavenly Star City.

In the past, the island would have boats of all sizes flowing in and out of its harbor with cultivators and mortals leaving and arriving at the island en mass. But now, when Han Li swept his gaze past the island, he only spotted a few small boats. As for cultivators, he would only occasionally come across them.

It seemed both the mortals and cultivators knew that a war was imminent and meekly avoided the area for the time being. The only cultivators that dared to come to the island were mostly from factions wishing to scour through the rumors.

Having traveled for such a long period, Han Li felt somewhat fatigued and decided to stop over at the island for the time being. Not only to rest, but to visit the island’s market in preparation for his long excursion in the Outer Star Seas. After all, he didn’t know how things currently were in Heavenly Star City. As such, it would be best for him to make his preparations here and avoid any mishaps from catching him unprepared.

When Han Li descended within range of the island, he was able to sense that Southclear Island was on far greater alert than during his previous visits. Just as he entered the scope of the island’s spell formation, he was able to feel the spiritual sense of three Core Formation cultivators sweep past him. They had even lingered on him for quite some time until they had deemed him unsuspicious.

It was clear that the Star Palace was guarding itself against any sudden attacks by the Starfall Coalition.

At that moment, Han Li was calmly heading towards the island’s market.

Southclear Island’s market was in a small city not far from the island’s port, likely for the convenience of any merchants or cultivators that visited. Although the market wasn’t nearly as famous or as large as those on other islands, its variety of goods was unrivaled by any other market. More importantly, its prices were cheaper than in Heavenly Star City. This was because a majority of Heavenly Star City’s goods were directly shipped over from this island.

Han Li didn’t have any time to dawdle. Just as he entered the market, he t

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