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After another twenty days passed, the interior of the barrier had become tranquil. The violent storm had disappeared to reveal a pair of silver white wings. The missing flesh around the Lightning Roc bones had been replaced with precious materials, and the feathers were replaced with lightning and wind.

With this, the pair of wind and lightning wings had taken form.

Although the wings currently appeared completed, it truth, the feathers’ wind-lightning power had only just taken form and had yet to stabilize. As a result, the clearly exhausted Feng Xi had forced himself to pour even more magic power into the barrier, fearing that their previous efforts would go to waste.

Feng Xi felt quite gloomy as he did this. He had originally believed that the three drops of spirit milk that he had specially acquired for them would be sufficient. But he didn’t expect that their spiritual power would be depleted while just on the verge of the wing’s completion. Fortunately, under the current circumstances he could choose to damage his Origin Qi and forcefully support it until the end. Otherwise, the magic treasure would would be lost forever and he would be inflicted with incurable regret.

But during that moment, the grade nine demon beast suddenly felt a strange fluctuation of Qi inside the room. Although it was very weak and only occurred for a short time, it was extremely pure.

He swept his gaze across the room with narrowed eyes, eventually arriving upon Han Li; Feng Xi’s face turned sullen.

Han Li revealed shock, but he immediately forced a smile. However, Feng Xi continued to coldly gaze upon him without emotion.

“Take it out!” The demon cultivator ordered.

“What does Senior want?” Han Li’s expression grew increasingly strained and artificial as he quietly withdrew his hand from his sleeve.

A cold glint flickered from Feng Xi’s eyes. He wordlessly pointed at Han Li, shooting a ball of dazzling, pulsing white light towards Han Li.

Han Li was initially stunned before he immediately released a miserable scream. He fell to the floor and thrashed about with an agonized expression as his complexion turned purple.

“Humph! If you won’t listen to words, then listen to force!” A hostile gaze flashed across Feng Xi’s face as he gazed at the small bottle that fell out of Han Li’s sleeve. With a strange expression he grabbed toward the small bottle and had it fly to his hand.”

Feng Xi glared at Han Li and bluntly said, “Is the flare of wind spirit energy unpleasant? You had consumed quite a bit of spiritual energy recently, but you’ve recovered quite a bit of it. It seems the bottle should hold some spiritual medicine. Did Fellow Daoist Li plan on taking advantage of our deprived state to flee by using his recovered spiritual energy?”

After the demon cultivator ceased his technique, Han Li was barely able to stand back up. His face paled as if his scheme had been exposed.

Feng Xi glanced at the small bottle “Wh

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