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The others responded to Xu Yun’s explanation of the purchasing of cultivation vessels with silence. After all, with two female cultivator companions currently at their side, it was difficult to speak further on the topic.

Han Li stroked his chin without showing the slightest change in expression. He didn’t require a vessel to increase his cultivation, nor could he afford to keep something so cumbersome by his side. Although these female cultivator vessels aroused a feeling of discomfort and pity in him, he turned a blind eye as he was disinclined to take action.

At that moment, the two female cultivators on stage wore an expression of disappointment upon not receiving a single bid.

Seeing this, Xu Yun gave an explanation with a faint smile, “Their cultivation is a bit too shallow. Although they were were willing to become a cultivation vessel, they can’t provide much assistance towards higher grade cultivators. As such, no one was willing to take them. However, it isn’t necessarily absolute. If by chance a Foundation Establishment cultivator were to fancy their appearance, it wouldn’t be rare for them to later be bought at a high price.”

Yi Jing forced a chuckle and didn’t say anything further. Xu Yun calmly smiled and didn’t seem to mind.

The following items up for auction were more items that were rarely seen in the Inner Star Seas. However, Han Li revealed a lazy expression, unwilling to waste more of his time looking at them.

Just as he was coming up with an excuse to leave, Xu Yun seemed to have noticed Han Li’s impatience and took the initiative to say, “While this auction doesn’t have any finer goods, the annual combined auction has some truly rare items appear. Fellow Daoists should take a look at it when it comes around. For now, I’ll introduce you to the other areas of Blackrock City.”

Naturally, Yi Jing and the others didn’t refuse as they were currently lacking in spirit stones from the cost of the teleportation.

The group nodded their heads and followed Xu Yun out of the Treasure Wrest Hall. The mortal woman waiting outside of the Hall accompanied them until they left the Bright Gem Pavilion.


“This group of several tens of buildings are temporary residences where foreign mortals are staying for the time being. Mortals that wish to make a living in Blackrock City must first register here, much to the benefit of the city’s administers. If they are unable to find employment after a certain amount of time, they must leave Blackrock City. For example, the mortal women we saw in the Bright Gem Pavilion all live here.”

“That equally large group of building is the city’s largest raw material store, the Golden Thumb Pavilion. They specialize in selling all sorts of rare materials. It is said that so long as you know the name of the material, the store will always be able to sell it to you. Although this is somewhat of an exaggeration, its reputation is quite grand!”

“As for those three buil

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