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The screen of white mist thinned and Han Li looked at the woman with restored calm.

Han Li muttered, “It is truly a pity that I can no longer enjoy such a view.”

When Yuan Yao heard this, she blushed before delicately chuckling, “Didn’t Brother Han go to the fifth floor with those masters? How did you arrive here?” After she said that, she caressed her wet hair and it dried in an instant with a flicker of white light. A few strands of dark hair fell in front of her face, a stark contrast against her snow-white skin that served to illuminate her beauty.

Han Li enjoyed the sight as this woman was among the greatest beauties he had ever seen. Each and every one of her movements were enough to ensnare any man.

After taking several glances at her graceful appearance, he calmly said, “I merely triggered a restriction and ended up teleporting here. I wish to ask for guidance from Lady Yuan. What is this place?”

“Triggered a restriction?” Yuan Yao’s eyes shifted and she wore a mysterious smile. It was clear she didn’t believe Han Li, but Han Li paid her doubt no mind. He merely chuckled and indifferently stared at her in silence.

Yuan Yao’s face slightly reddened. This pest Han Li was truly giving her a headache, as she was keenly aware of her inability to deal with him. Not only had she witnessed the fearsomeness of Han Li’s insects, but even the charming techniques of an expert such as herself had little effect against him.

She furrowed her slender brow and could only helplessly respond, “This is a secret room on the second floor. You came out of such a shabby transportation formation? Had I known this were possible, I would’ve smashed it to pieces and prevented myself from having to deal with you.” With that said, Yuan Yao glared at Han Li with obvious annoyance. It appeared she still felt aggrieved at having her naked body seen.

Han Li remained completely unperturbed as if he hadn’t heard her. Instead, he lazily stretched his back and emerged from the water before putting his shoes back on. In the short time he had spent in the water, he had restored a portion of his magic power. Although he wished to spend more time there, he felt it would be in his best interest to leave Heavenvoid Hall as soon as possible.

As a result, Han Li no longer paid any attention to Yuan Yao and walked towards the south exit of the room.

When he arrived at the exit, he saw a mess. There was large stone room with a completely fragmented puppet lying on the ground, surrounded by holes. It was clear that Yuan Yao had fought a bitter battle here.

There was a gate on the other side of the room. A familiar white light sparkled from it, appearing to be exactly the same as the other gates from the Inner Halls.

Han Li hesitated for a moment before walking towards it. After looking at it for a moment, he took out his Heavenvoid map fragment and poured spiritual power into it before slapping it onto the door. As a result, the door fli

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