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After asking a few more questions about the Windbreaker’s Nest, Han Li casually handed a bottle of medicine pills over to Wen Siyue. Wen Siyue was immediately grateful and promptly entered seclusion to refine their medicinal power. Han Li then sealed himself off inside of another room and began studying the copper plate.

He carefully examined the item as he sat down cross-legged.

Only one side of the copper plate was inscribed with characters, the other was engraved with a bizarre depiction of a rather formidable looking monster. The monster had three heads with vicious eyes along with six arms raised towards the sky. It was unclear what it was supposed to be doing.

After looking at it for a moment with a frown, Han Li took out the old hide book with the nameless incantation and compared the characters that were inscribed. He discovered that the characters were largely the same except for minute differences. It seemed they shared an origin, but were written in distinctly different styles of writing.

Since he couldn’t find anything hidden on the surface, Han Li inserted his magic power into the copper plate without any hesitation.

Soon after it started to absorb his magic power, the copper plate let out a clear hum and started to tremble. It then brilliantly flourished with white light and beams of dense yellow light began to shoot out from the sides of the copper plate, projecting a picture onto the wall.

Han Li was delighted by the developments and became mesmerized by what he saw.

The image depicted a human-form demon beast, covered with scales and with a single horn on its head. It appeared exactly the same as the three-headed, six-armed demon beast on the back of the plate, but with only one head.

Just as Han Li was puzzled by this, the picture changed with a flash of light. It now depicted the demon beast sitting down cross-legged with its hands clutched in a strange hand gesture. Its entire body was contorted in a baffling position, leaving Han Li puzzled.

A short moment later, the image changed again, revealing that the demon beast had changed its hand incantation and its body contorted once more, assuming another strange posture.

The images periodically shifted to reveal indescribable changes in hand gestures and posture as if it were cultivating some sort of technique. An hour later, the copper plate’s light dimmed and the images disappeared.

Han Li had counted thirty-six different positions that the demon beast assumed.

He rubbed his nose and looked at the item in his hand with an odd expression. Although he didn’t know what the characters on the copper plate had meant, he was able to tell from the pictures that this item wasn’t something for human cultivators. It clearly recorded a demon cultivation art.

Prior to this, he hadn’t known that demon beasts even cultivated. Weren’t demon beasts innately capable of absorbing spiritual Qi? Why would they cultivate? It seemed that cultivati

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