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The Venomous Flood Dragon pulverised the large, shiny pearl that it had originally been playing with in its hand and glanced at Han Li with a malicious glint flickering within his eyes. “Humph! Humans are all so cunning and sly. I don’t care where you’ve seen me before, but you had better cut the clever business!”

Han Li’s heart slightly shivered, but apart from a bitter chuckle, he said nothing else.

Seeing that the atmosphere wasn’t to his liking, Feng Xi hastily interjected himself, “Enough. Fellow Daoist Li can now be considered to be acquainted with you little brothers. I wish to draw from the support of all three of you, and It would be quite troublesome if I were to lack any of you.” He then directed Han Li to a seat that was farther away from those two.

The Venomous Flood Dragon downed the wine in the cup in front of him and carelessly said, “Brother Feng, we’ve known each other for quite a few years already. Why are you treating this matter so mysteriously? You’ve yet to give us an explanation. Additionally, you require the assistance of a human cultivator, and a trifling Core Formation cultivator at that.”

“That’s right. I am also quite curious. You insisted for us two to come together. Could it be that Brother Feng is doing something dangerous?” The demon tortoise with a thick shell on its back frowned. He may possess an extremely large body, but he appeared rathered timid.

Feng Xi smiled and slightly spread out his arms. “There is no need to worry, Fellow Daoist Gui. I didn’t call you two over to deal with a formidable enemy, or to travel to a dangerous area. Rather, I wish for your assistance in refining a magic treasure.”

“Refining a magic treasure?” The tortoise and flood dragon paused for a moment before glancing at one another. A trace of amazement also appeared on Han Li’s face.

Feng Xi slowly said with a feverish expression, “That’s right, I am preparing to refine a magic treasure to fit onto my own body.”

“Did we hear correctly? Brother Feng wishes to refine a magic treasure? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that the bodies of us demon cultivators are better than any magic treasure. What material could possibly be refined to be stronger than one’s own body?” The Venomous Flood Dragon shook his head in disapproval.

The demon tortoise nodded his head in agreement and said, “Brother Wu’s words are undoubtedly true. The might of any magic treasure will undoubtedly be inferior to the innate bodies of us demon cultivators. Rather than wasting time on external items, wouldn’t it be better to further cultivate one’s own abilities? For example, with regards to Brother Wu’s flood dragon constitution, his innate water-attribute techniques have become a hundred times stronger than other races with only slight cultivation. With your spirit aviary constitution, you should have exceptionally good aptitude towards wind attribute techniques. By cultivating your Firestorm Wings to a deeper stage, you should b

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