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After seeing Han Li walk into the teleportation formation without hesitation, the other cultivators paused for a moment before following him.

After seeing that the seven of them had entered the formation spell, the bald old man wore a faint smile and formed an incantation gesture that caused specks of white light to float from his finger.

While staring at the specks of white light, the old man suddenly asked, “Since we’re sending you to the Outer Star Seas in secret, you’re not going to blabber about this, right?”

The embroidered-robed man was quick-witted and immediately replied with a sincere expression, “Of course we won’t. We are truly grateful towards Seniors for being so accommodating. There is no way we would do such a self destructive thing. Moreover, what use would it be for us to say anything?”

Staring at the embroidered-robed man, he coldly said, “If you understand, then good. As there are few people in the Star Palace with our position, we’d receive a stern warning at the worst. But if some rumors do arrive, then Fellow Daoist Gu and I won’t be so forgiving. Additionally, we heard you feared a sudden falling out and all carried response beads. Thorough, but unnecessary. We aren’t about to soil our reputations over a few spirit stones.” He then swept his gaze past the other cultivators before falling onto Han Li.

“Senior truly is a reasonable person. Junior is but a knave that can only think of others in regards to his own desires.” The embroidered-robed man forced a smile but faintly felt a chill run down his back.

“Humph! No need to speak any nonsense! You’re now on your own!” The bald old man didn’t say anything further and flicked his finger, activating the transportation formation with a faint white magic seal.

Suddenly, the spirit stones around the magic formation flourished with white light, causing the seven to disappear.

When the bald old man saw them successively teleport away, his expression suddenly changed and he bewilderedly asked, “What’s going on? Didn’t you say that you were going to give them false displacement talismans? Why did you give them real ones? This wasn’t what we previously agreed upon.”

The scholarly cultivator coldly snorted and spoke with a grimace, “If I truly took out false displacement talismans, do you really believe we would’ve been let off? The person who gave us the magic treasures was a Nascent Soul eccentric. If we took out false talismans, he would’ve killed us in a fit of anger.” He then took out a white cloth and wiped the cold sweat off of his head.

The bald old man said with a shocked expression, “Nascent Soul cultivator? Brother Qian, are you joking? That person was clearly a late Foundation Establishment cultivator.”

The shriveled man that was left behind was at a loss.

“Brother Gu should know that my spirit beast, a soul hare, has no skills apart from being able to keenly sense another’s spiritual sense.” The scholarly man then flipped hi

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