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Han Li nimbly grabbed one of the beads within the box and held it between his fingers close to his eye. After staring at it for a moment, Han Li slowly closed his eyes and reviewed the image of what he had seen in the jade slip.

The image was of a fist-sized pearl that emitted rainbow light and had over ten smaller beads floating around it. Those smaller pearls appeared exactly the same as the one currently in his hand. As for the large rainbow pearl, it was the Heavenmend Pill that he had seen shooting out of the Heavenvoid Cauldron. This strange image had appeared in the jade slip without the slightest description, provoking an air of mystery.

When Han Li had swept his mind past the image in the jade slip he had acquired from Gu Yu, he had been astonished. It was for that reason he had decided to add on a treasure talisman as payment for the jade slip. Were it not for this, he would’ve only given Gu Yu the medicine pills at most.

The jade slip possessed many bizarre images, but each of them lacked any kind of description. There were pictures of magic tools and treasures, as well as many demon beasts and ghostly monstrosities that Han Li had never seen before. After seeing the picture of the Heavenmend Pill among them, he felt that these images must be extremely significant.

Han Li carefully committed these pictures to memory and would treat them with great importance should he see them in the future.

However, Han Li glanced at the beads in the case with a trace of awkwardness.

There was no doubt that these rainbow beads had a strong relationship with the Heavenmend Pill. Why else would they appear together in the image? After considering that the beads had been refined from Zenith Brilliance’s skeleton, he suddenly recalled Zenith Brilliance’s Bloodjade Spiders. Could it be that the Bone Sage’s traitorous disciple had entered Heavenvoid Hall with the spiders and acquired a Heavenmend Pill?

This was one possible explanation as to why Zenith Brilliance’s bones had turned rainbow colored and why they had formed into beads after being exposed to flames.

From Han Li’s experience with taking many medicine pills, the Heavenmend Pill must’ve either not yet been fully refined, or its medicinal nature was so fierce that it required one to continue strenuously refining it after consumption.

From these conjectures and its prominent appearance in the jade slip, it appeared like these rainbow beads held a significant relation towards the Heavenmend Pearl.

Although using a cultivator’s body as a pill furnace to produce medicine pills was rarely seen in the cultivation world, Han Li had personally witnessed this once before. The Black Fiend School’s Blood Congealed Five Element Cores was one particularly bloody and tyrannical example.

But with all this being said, it was only Han Li’s wishful thinking in the end. He wasn't about to rashly swallow them without further deliberation.

With some further thought, he

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