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Han Li spoke with an indifferent expression, “What great event? I only left seclusion a few days ago. Tell me about it!”

The old man locked his fingers together and spoke carefully, “It is only natural for Junior to answer Senior’s questions. However, may I ask for your name?”

After he heard this, Han Li felt somewhat surprised. After he tilted his head and pondered for a moment, he mysteriously smiled and said, “It seems that you’re being quite careful. I am the Exquisite Sound Sect’s Guest Elder Han. Have you heard of me before?”

After he heard of Han Li’s identity, he let out a long sigh of relief and smiled, “So it turns out to be Elder Han. You can’t be considered an outsider then. Our own sect’s Fairy Xuedi is close friends with Sect Master Fairy Violet Spirit.”

Han Li was surprised at his claim that they were on the same side and couldn’t help but laugh.

Han Li’s laugh caused the old man to grow somewhat uneasy.

‘Did I say something wrong?’ The old man thought apprehensively.

Han Li’s smile disappeared. “I don’t involve myself in the matters of the sect, nor do I care if you are lying. All I want is for you to properly answer my question. I won’t make things difficult for you. What major event occurred recently?”

The old man pledged he was speaking the truth with smile, “How could I deceive you, Senior? All of my words are true...”, but when Han Li’s gaze grew icy, he immediately started his explanation, “There were rumors that had suddenly emerged recently in the Scattered Star Seas that the Heavenly Star Sages were on the verge of breaking through to the great success stage of Divine Essencefused Light. The star palace took advantage of this opportunity to start eliminating certain disobedient or uncontrollable powers. This was originally believed to only be a rumor, but not longer after this rumor was spread, the Star Palace issued an official command to powers of all sizes to have their sect leaders and island lords immediately come to Heavenly Star City and pay audience to the Heavenly Star Sages. Otherwise, they will be branded as traitors and be eliminated.”

Han Li blinked before speaking with disbelief, “Have every power pay audience to the Heavenly Star Sages? Did I hear correctly? The Star Palace gave such an obviously insidious command?”

The old man bitterly smiled, “That’s right. The official command stunned many powers upon arrival. Were this at the peak of the Star Palace’s power, there would be no problem with this order. But as of current, it would be surprising for the the powers of the Righteous and Devil Dao to obey.”

Han Li swept his gaze past the group and frowned, asking,“Then all of the cultivators I saw on the way were heading towards Heavenly Star City to pay audience to the Heavenly Star Sages?”

“That’s hard to say!” The old man appeared hesitant.

A strange expression appeared on Han Li’s face. He curiously asked, “Hard to say? What does that mean?”

The old

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