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Han Li received the ring and put it on without hesitation.

The old man smiled and said, “Good, you can now enter the city. During the day, there will be free movement, but there is an enforced curfew at night. When the battle starts, the ring will notify you. You can wait in your cave residence until then.” After he finished speaking, he slowly closed his eyes once more and appeared to drift off.

After taking a deep glance at the old man, Han Li entered the city.

Not only were the streets of the city desolate, but he only occasionally caught glimpses of other cultivators in flight. The empty city made for dreary scenery.

Han Li’s expression remained calm, but he inwardly rejoiced. From the apparent circumstances, the city market must certainly have been shut down. Had he not taken the time to make his preparations in Southclear Island, he would’ve surely suffered quite the headache.

Han Li softly chuckled before flying through the air towards his cave residence on Sage Mountain.

As he passed by the market city, Han Li glanced down to find that all the shops were closed as he had expected. There wasn’t a single person in sight. Han Li lightly shook his head and quickly flew towards the thirty-ninth layer of Sage Mountain.

Upon entering Sage Mountain, Han Li keenly felt that the security on the mountain was far denser than the outer city. He was able to notice over ten different ripples through the air with his spiritual sense alone. But with the yellow ring on hand, the ripples in the air made way for Han Li. Despite all of this, there were no guards who appeared to question Han Li.

But what made Han Li frown was the late Core Formation cultivator that swept his spiritual sense past him.

Han Li feigned ignorance of this as he flew towards his cave residence. When he arrived, he examined the restrictions to find that nothing had been changed.

However, Han Li blankly stood outside the restrictions for a moment before letting out a sigh. He hadn’t been gone for long, but he had encountered many close brushes with death, and now, he had no choice but to discard his cave residence of nearly a hundred years. This caused Han Li to feel somewhat sentimental.

He used his restriction control medallion to open the restrictions and slowly walked in, finding that everything was the same as he had left it.

Han Li first attended to the most important matter at hand, the Gold Devouring Beetles. After making certain that the Gold Devouring Beetles were sound, Han Li felt genuinely relieved. He immediately placed all of them in a spirit beast pouch that he had prepared earlier, and turned towards his medicine garden and placed everything into his storage pouch.

After this, Han Li decided to relax for the time being and slowly walked to the bedroom. He laid down on the bed and started to ponder about his plans for the future.

He was required to kill a Starfall Coalition cultivator of the same rank as him if h

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