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Although Han Li had anticipated that the treasure refinement wouldn’t merely take a few days, he was quite shocked to find that the three demon cultivators sat cross-legged in complete stillness for five entire months while refining the bizarre material with their core flames.

During this period, apart from stopping four times to recover their magic power, they had kept their demon cores suspended in the air, continuously spouting out core flames in a leisurely manner. Their statuses as grade eight and nine demon beasts clearly weren’t just for show. Their magic power was truly profound.

Because Han Li was refining Qi the entire time, he had managed to preserve his full state of magic power. The miniscule amount of magic power that the light barrier consumed could hardly be considered significant.

The wing bones within the core flames had become increasingly translucent and bright with each passing day. It also faintly carried the sounds of thunder and sharp wind. The joy in Feng Xi’s eyes became more obvious as this occurred. Han Li knew that the finalization of the Thunderstorm Wings was approaching.

In those several months, Han Li was puzzled to find that not a single trace of the malicious Qi could be found from within his body. However, after some further thought, he felt that it had something to do with the Divine Devilbane Lightning in his body. They had a miraculous efficacy against things of evil nature.

‘Could it be the the malicious Qi had already been exterminated by the Divine Devilbane LIghtning?’ Han Li felt delight at the thought.

Had the malicious Qi truly appeared, he had planned on using the Divine Devilbane Lightning to get rid of it, or to take the risk of swallowing some Gold Devouring Beetles and having them forcefully consume it.

As a result, the Windbreaker Beast’s method of coercion was unable to inspire any fear in Han Li, not that he had taken it seriously to begin with. The old demon definitely wouldn’t have expected for Han Li to possess such an astonishingly valuable magic treasure with his low cultivation.

Without any worry of this later harming him, Han Li became even more resolved to resist. He quickly swept through the many plans he had previously made to escape. He was prepared to use the most optimal plan according to how the situation played out.

After yet another month, Feng Xi rose from his seat and began to take action as if he felt that the refinement was about to be done.

From the moment he opened his eyes, he stared at the bone wings in the air that were on the verge of completion. With a deep sigh, he suddenly shot a dozen incantation seals at it and suddenly extinguished his core flame, revealing the three demon cores and two bone wings that were within.

The demon cores were comparatively dimmer than before. It seemed the persist strain of the demon cores over the months of use had harmed their origin Qi. Contrarily, the bone wings had become slender and w

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