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Much to Han Li’s surprise, the path revealed by the map he found hidden within a wall had been peaceful. He didn’t encounter any restrictions or puppets guards as he followed the map and eventually arrived at the tall wall without any trouble.

After looking at this common stone wall, Han Li unfolded the aged scroll and carefully examined it once more.

“This is the place.” Han Li muttered to himself with certainty. He emitted streaks of azure swordlight from the fingers of one of his hands and directly walked towards the stone wall.

Han Li rejoiced upon seeing there were no restrictions on the wall, and as he had hoped, the wall was hollow. He used his fingers to cut open a three-meter-wide circle with great ease, and gently pushed it with his other hand, revealing a large hole with a dark interior.

The swordlight on his fingers disappeared with a shake of his hand. He then summoned a ball of white light in his palm and had it slowly enter the room.

Without any further hesitation, he nimbly leapt in after it.

The hidden room was only about six meters tall and about fifteen meters wide. Although the entire room was covered by a thick layer of dust, there was also a very crude transportation formation at the center of the room.

The transportation formation was drawn with crooked lines, and its talisman markings were as crudely drawn as if it were a poor imitation of a formation by an unskilled layman.

Han Li wrinkled his brow. Could it be that the formation was incapable of being used or that it had been long since discarded? He took a step forward and inspected the formation using his own knowledge on spell formations. After a short while, he let out a long sigh.

Although the formation spell was crude, it could still be used. Furthermore, it didn’t seem to be a long distance transportation formation. It would likely take him to a place that should seem at least somewhat familiar.

Han Li took out several spirit stones and quickly placed them on the four sides of the formation. After a series of hums, the spell formation shined with faint light. Han Li smiled at the sight. Instead of hastily using the formation, he turned his head to look at the hole in the wall and pondered for a moment.

He approached the wall and cast several minor restoration magic techniques, returning the fallen stone to the open wall. In the blink of an eye, the wall had returned to its original appearance. Han Li dusted off his hands and walked into the spell formation before disappearing in a flash of white light.

A moment later, Han Li reappeared in a thin mist. The mist was warm and carried a floral scent.

About three meters ahead of him, there was a milky white pond that spanned over thirty meters. The pond seemed to be the source of the white mist and fragrant odor.

What stunned him wasn’t that, but the naked woman that was crouched at the pond. She seemed to have been enjoying the water.

The amazing sight of h

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