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‘Savage Flood Dragon!’ Han Li inwardly shouted with an expression of rarely-seen fear.

This scarlet demon beast had a body that stretched out to four hundred meters and appeared similar to the the inky flood dragon that he had seen before. Furthermore, it was one of the more fearsome types of flood dragons amongst its kind. Judging by the congealed essence that was displayed by the light wandering across its scarlet scales, it appeared to be a genuine grade eight demon beast. The demon beast emitted a pressure that Han Li had only experienced from Nascent Soul cultivators.

Flood dragons were one of the few primordial demon beasts that remained in this world since the ages of antiquity. Not only did these demon beasts cultivate far faster than others, but their magic power would also greatly exceed that of other demon beasts of similar ranking. It wasn’t impossible for a flood dragon to even defeat an opponent that was of a superior grade.

If what the ancient records said was true, then the grade eight Savage Flood Dragon should be an equal match for average grade nine demon beasts.

This knowledge caused Han Li to turn pale from shock. He immediately wanted to run, but he still managed to retain enough reason to not make any rash movements.There were still two more streaks of light flying across the sky towards them. It seemed they came with hostile intentions since they were flying over without the slightest attempt at concealment.

As these developments occurred, Han Li placed the blood red cloak on his body as stealthily as possible. At the same time, he also summoned the Five Element Bands and the flower basket into his hands. With these at the ready, Han Li felt far more at ease.

By this point, the Savage Flood Dragon had already let out a long hiss. It turned its long head towards the huge turtle resisting the lightning with all its strength, watching it with a strange expression.

Soon, the flood dragon’s body emitted a frightening blue light, causing his body to suddenly shrink.

After only a short moment, the flood dragon’s body had assumed a form that was close in size and shape to a human.

Its head was still that of a fierce flood dragon, but its limbs appeared to be that of a human, apart from the scarlet scales that covered its body. It also had a thick scaly tail that continuously whipped around.

The flood dragon’s transformation left Han Li dumbstruck.

The flood dragon stood idly on top of the raging seas as if he were standing on land, not swaying in the slightest.

However, after he transformed, his eyes unconsciously swept towards Han Li’s direction, and its gaze became icy. Han Li suddenly felt his body break out into a chill as he tightly grabbed onto his ancient treasures with sweaty palms.

Fortunately, the golden light and red brilliance had just arrived during that time.

The Savage Flood Dragon immediately lost interest in Han Li as its cold gaze swept past the three peop

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