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The burly man amongst the Core Formation cultivators saw the old man’s face and asked with surprise, “What is it? Was there something amiss? Was his identity false?”

The old man twirled his beard with his finger before revealing a green jade slip in his palm. “There is nothing wrong with his identity. We’ve long acquired the portraits of the two elders from our agents in the Exquisite Sound Sect. His appearance is an exact match for what we were given. There is no doubt that he is Elder Han. Even if he was a pretender using some sort of secret disguise technique, he won’t be able to escape Elder Wang’s discerning eye when he leaves the harbor.”

The burly man snorted with dissatisfaction, “Since there is no problem, why did you wear that expression?”

After muttering to himself for a second, the old man said, “The Exquisite Sound Sect’s Elder Han is no simple character. I fear that even if we were to both take him on, we would not be victorious.”

The burly man was stunned before shaking his head as if he were beating a drum with it. He doubtfully said, “What does that mean? Isn’t he an early Core Formation cultivator just like us? Moreover, he is a vagrant cultivator. How could he compare to the two of us who have received the frequent teachings of our Divine Ancestor?”

The old man wasn’t annoyed by his words in the slightest and calmly gave him an explanation, “Enforcer Liu should know that although our Seven Fiends Arts can’t be considered a top grade cultivation technique, we are extremely sensitive to the amount of baleful Qi one possesses. The baleful Qi that he possesses is the heaviest I’ve ever seen from a Core Formation cultivator. No small number of cultivators has died by his hand.”

The burly man objected, “That’s nothing. So what if he killed a few low grade cultivators? I could do that too.”

“It’s not the same. Although you can accumulate a bit of weak baleful Qi from that, it would last for but a short moment, and would easily disappear. As for this person, not only is his baleful Qi exceedingly dense, but it is also extremely cold. This is something that can only be developed by killing a great number of cultivators of similar rank or higher. Unless he uses a few specific secret techniques to rid himself of the baleful Qi, it will forever haunt his body.”

After a cold glint flickered from his eyes, he imposingly continued, “Furthermore, he seems to have comprehend a few miraculous sword Qi techniques, causing the span of his baleful Qi to be exceptionally large. It is truly astonishing. If an ordinary cultivator were to fight him, not only would their bewitchment and illusionary techniques be weakened, but if his baleful Qi were to be fully cultivated, his opponents could temporarily lose their will to fight if they do not protect against it. If he were to cultivate our Seven Fiend Arts, he would make rapid advancements.”

Of course, the old man didn’t know that Han Li had sparsely killed Core For

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