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Woosh. A huge ape emerged from the light barrier, and walked several steps towards the kneeling young woman before halting.

The expressions of the others changed upon seeing this, watching the puppet with worry. The yellow-robed woman opened her bright, reddish eyes and vacantly stared at the huge ape.

“Regardless of the truth of what you said, you still are quite pitiful. However, I have never done anything without profit. I sense that you are still a virgin, and I have cultivated to a bottleneck. Perhaps, I could break through it with the assistance of pair cultivation. If you are willing to become my cultivation vessel, enter the spell formation and I will give your companions a bottle of three Vital Essence Pills. It should be more than enough to save your father. I will not force you, nor will I take advantage of the weak. If you are unwilling, then you may leave. Just act as if you never met me.” The man’s voice was ice-cold, containing not the slightest emotion.

At that moment, the huge ape puppet extended its arms, revealing a small bottle of sparkling white jade. It presented the bottle to the kneeling woman before it.

The young woman’s mind grew blank after hearing this. Although she was young, she still knew about the meaning of pair cultivation and cultivation vessels. Her originally pale-white face, unconsciously blushed. Still, she unhesitatingly replied, “Good. So long as my father can recover, Junior is willing to become Senior’s cultivation vessel.” With that said, the young woman reached out and took the bottle into her hands before slowly standing up.

The middle-aged man was greatly shocked by the young woman’s words and panickedly shouted, “Xian’er! How could you do this? What will I tell your father?”

The others’ expressions also greatly changed upon hearing her, and they each attempted to dissuade her.

The young woman didn’t respond to the old man’s outburst. Instead, she offered the jade bottle to him and calmly asked, “Martial Uncle, can you please check the medicine pills in the bottle and see whether or not they will be of use towards my father?”

“You…!” Sigh! The middle-aged cultivator took and jade bottle and glanced at the young woman’s tender, expressionless face before letting out a long sigh. Knowing that he couldn’t change her mind, he could only sullenly take the jade bottle and examine the faint blue medicine pills within.

A peculiar scent slowly spread throughout the air surrounding. All those who smelled it would feel their minds and bodies become free of burden.

The middle-aged cultivator lost focus after smelling the pills’ medicinal scent. After taking another whiff, he shouted out in surprise, “These are medicine pills refined from demon cores!”

The young woman remained calm and thoroughly asked, “They were refined with demon cores? Will these Vital Essence Pills heal my father?”

The middle-aged cultivator’s expression grew complicated. After hesitating for

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