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Han Li had already been prepared for the arrow to attempt to escape. Within the arrow’s first few meters of flight, Han Li shot out an azure swordstreak that intercepted it, causing it to tumble.

In that opening, the Weeping Soul Beast wrapped the small arrow in a yellow radiance, causing the magic treasure to incessantly flash. The arrow dashed back and forth within the cage of light as if wanting to escape, but the yellow light appeared immensely more powerful than it. No matter how much the arrow struggled, it was unable to escape. This was to be expected of the beast that was known to be the bane of all ghosts.

As the small arrow’s resistance grew weaker, yellow threads shot out from the cage of light and tightly bound the small arrow in an instant. The yellow threads then grew taut and dragged out a ball of green light from within the small arrow.

The green light was ensnared by many yellow threads and incessantly transformed into all sorts of animals and insects as well as fluctuating in size in its attempt to break free. Despite its efforts, it was unable to escape from the yellow threads and was gradually drawn closer and closer to the Weeping Soul Beast’s nose.

At that moment, the green light grew panicked and transformed into the face of an old man. The light loudly pleaded towards Han Li, “Young Friend Han, I beg you to let me go. So long as you spare my life, I will willingly serve you for the rest of my life. The number of strange and secret techniques I know are countless, and I am willing to give you all of them! Moreover, doesn’t Young Friend Han wish to learn the entirety of the Profound Yin Arts? I didn’t even teach the last few layers to my traitorous disciple Zenith Yin. Doesn’t Fellow Daoist Han also wish to know about the wonders of Profound Soul Demonification? Although my own estate had been seized by Zenith Yin, I still have many secret cave dwellings, each containing their own hidden treasures. This old servant is willing to fully devote himself to you...”

The more the ghostly face spoke, the quicker the words came out and the more panicked it appeared. He even took the initiative to offer to become a servant because at that moment, he was only about a foot away from the Weeping Soul Beast’s nose.

If he were to truly be absorbed by the beast, even if his soul were more tenacious, he would never be able to escape.

Despite having a will far more staunch and unwavering than others, Han Li’s heart thumped upon hearing the Bone Sage’s offers, and his face revealed a trace of hesitation.

Perhaps due to having seen Han Li’s hesitation, the ghost revealed his greatest trump card with a low roar, “Even if Fellow Daoist Han doesn’t want those things, don’t you want to know the weaknesses of Zenith Yin’s cultivation arts? And how about removing the tracing mark he placed on your body?”

Han Li’s gaze flickered several times and his expression continuously shifted. He sighed and lightly waved his

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