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“Fellow Daoist, please sit!” The demon cultivator boldly took a seat and beckoned to Han Li.

Han Li took a seat across from the demon cultivator and remained silent.

The demon cultivator narrowed his eyes and gently said, “It seems I’ve embarrassed myself. I still haven’t asked for your esteemed name. My name is Feng Xi.”

After a moment of hesitation, Han Li slowly said, “My surname is Li!”

“Hehe, so it’s Fellow Daoist Li. You must feel somewhat confused. In truth, if any other cultivator had appeared before me, I would’ve definitely slain them despite not being from the local sea race. Peaceful coexistence between humans and demons is certainly impossible.”

Han Li felt his heart tremble and forced a smile, asking, “In that case, does Senior Feng see something different about Junior?”

Feng Xi’s eyes flickered with green light. He slowly said, “You are only a mid Core Formation cultivator, yet you dared to bravely enter so deeply into the seas, relying on that marvelous Qi Restraint Technique of yours!”

“Qi Restraint Technique?” Han Li paused for a moment, suddenly recalling the nameless incantation in the hide book.

Feng Xi wore an odd expression and said, “That’s right, I am somewhat familiar with your Qi Restraint Technique. I saw it from an old friend of mine, but strangely enough, that technique is something that was secretly passed down. How are you, a human cultivator, capable of using it?”

Han Li couldn’t easily mention the matter of the hide book and remained silent for a while, not knowing how to respond.

When Feng Xi looked at Han Li’s expression, he leaned back into his chair and smiled. He then casually said, “There is no need for Fellow Daoist to be worried. My old friend has been dead for many years, and I’m not looking for an explanation. I am merely curious about how a human can use a secret demon race technique. The main reason why I haven’t attacked you is actually because you cultivate a pure wood attribute cultivation art. Otherwise, you’d already be dead.”

Han Li revealed amazement. He was truly shocked to hear that the main reason he wasn’t attacked was because of the attribute of his cultivation art.

When Feng Xi saw Han Li’s shocked expression, he said nothing and waved his arms instead, summoning a simple gold pot with a flash of white light.

He then took a jade wine cup and poured a dark green liquid into it. In the blink of an eye, the concentrated smell of alcohol spread throughout the hall.

The human-form demon beast then took a deep breath and wore an infatuated expression on his face. He flicked the cup with his finger, smoothly sliding the jade cup over to Han Li.

Feng Xi stared at Han Li and deeply said, “Fellow Daoist Li, take a taste of my Jadefire Wine. I made it myself. It is a genuine spirit wine that takes over a hundred years to ferment, and provides slight gains towards cultivation. Perhaps Fellow Daoist could even use this opportunity to break

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