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When Zenith Yin heard Daoist Priest Qi accuse him of hiding something, he inwardly frowned and cursed, ‘Cunning old fox’. However, none of this was betrayed on his face.

Zenith Yin’s expression grew stern and he coldly said, “Brother Qi, you’ve asked this more than once before. And each time, I’ve answered that this Youngster Han treacherously killed my grandson in Heavenvoid Hall. That is why I must capture him alive, so that I may refine his soul.”

The Daoist priest shook his head and said, “Hehe! Brother Wu had been saying this for the past two years, and I do believe it. However, Brother Wu has spent such a long time here, unwilling to be distracted by both his Profound Yin Island and the Starfall Coalition’s battle on the other side. If it were only for the sake of avenging your grandson, then wouldn’t I alone be enough?”

Then as if checkmating him, the Daoist priest stared at Zenith Yin with a mysterious smile and slowly continued, “Moreover, in addition to Zenith Yin, the Thousand Gates of Enlightenment has secretly sent over their Elder Breakwater, and three other unknown Nascent Soul cultivators had arrived in the Outer Star Seas with disguised appearances. Just when did our Wondrous Depths Island become so attractive that it would capture the attention of so many high grade cultivators? And in the past two days, I’ve acquired concrete information that they’re looking for the same person as you, the youngster surnamed Han. Brother Wu, please don’t tell me that they also wish to avenge their grandsons!”

Zenith Yin’s heart trembled and his face grew icy, but he remained silent.

The Daoist Priest saw that Zenith Yin’s heart was wavering and he calmly continued to persuade him, “There is no need for Brother Wu to pointlessly continue to conceal this. Regardless of what great secret this Youngster Han may possess, since so many fellow Nascent Soul Daoists have already figured it out, there is no harm in having me and only me know about it. If Brother Wu were to calmly tell me, it could work to your advantage. Moreover, in the current seas, in addition to my own disciples masquerading as the Insect Devil, there are other cultivators that have also taken up that identity in other locations. It is clear that they’re interfering with our scheme.”

Zenith Yin eventually replied with a gloomy tone, “Humph! Brother Qi, since you already know so much, then what mystery is there to clear up? What point is there in asking me?”

“I am convinced that even if Brother Wu is unwilling to tell me the truth, I will be able to find the clear truth of the matter by the year’s end. By that time, it won’t just be me or the Jade Cloud Sect that knows of the matter. I don’t want things to reach that point. Wouldn’t it be better to join hands now?” The Daoist Priest spoke of his inner plans without the slightest attempt at concealment.

Zenith Yin’s expression fluctuated for a long while. After lowering his head and muttering to himsel

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