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“Well if it isn’t Fellow Daoist Xu? I heard you wanted to return to Heavenly Star City, but I suppose the transportation formation is still unusable?” The woman’s voice was soft and alluring, bringing forth a sense of comfort to those that heard it.

Han Li unconsciously frowned and bitterly laughed in his mind. It seemed a majority of the female cultivators that he met cultivated some sort of secret bewitchment technique. Although this woman’s bewitchment techniques were far inferior to Fairy Violet Spirit’s and Yuan Yao’s, it was more than enough to easily capture the minds of a few low grade male cultivators.

With that thought, Han Li swept his gaze across the party of cultivators. Yi Jing and Xu Yun were able to keep their expressions straight, but the other male cultivators had unnatural expressions. Their gazes unconsciously wandered across the woman’s body.

“These cultivators are new arrivals. I’ve brought them along to take a look,” Xu Yun then said with a resentful tone, “As for returning to Heavenly Star City, I’m afraid that won’t be happening for a while. I didn’t expect the news to be true; a battle is about to occur.”

With luminous eyes, the woman enchantingly covered her smile and said, “It’s still good that you will remain here. If you were to leave, I’d be losing a dear customer.” The woman’s mature charm had fully captured the vulnerable men of the party, leaving the two women among them flushed red with anger.

Annoyed at the woman’s use of her bewitchment technique, Xu Yun called out to her, “Lady Ming, they are my guests. A badge, please.”

“Hehe, alright. But it seems that these Fellow Daoists should have no problem on this island; their cultivation isn’t inferior to yours.” Lady Ming chuckled and then glanced at Han Li and Yi Jing before erasing her bewitchment technique, returning her appearance to that of an ordinary woman. The change occurred quickly, causing the others to pause for a moment before revealing embarrassment.

The woman then clapped her hands, summoning a young mortal woman from behind the curtain.

Lady Ming coldly spoke to the mortal woman, “Bring Master Xu down to the auction. It should be starting soon!” Then with a wave of her hand, she passed a green jade badge to Xu Yun.

Xu Yun received the badge and followed the mortal woman to the side door without ever looking at her. Of course, Han Li and the others closely followed after them.

In the instant he entered the door, Han Li felt a slight spiritual Qi fluctuation as if he had entered some sort of restriction. His expression momentarily changed before returning to normal.

The party’s gaze brightened as they saw the enchanting scenery that laid behind the screen.

There was a long pathway about six meters wide that led to two expansive halls. The left hall was spacious and bright, and apart from a few tall black stone pillars, there were no other obstructions in sight. In addition, it was currently bustling wi

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