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Han Li indifferently waved his hand and the twelve small swords converged back into one. It then disappeared into his sleeve with a flash of white light.

Han Li lowered his hand and wore a tranquil expression, saying, “Now, let’s have a chat!”

Having been struck down just a moment ago without the slightest resistance or contest, Yun Tianxiao had lost the will to fight.

After a short moment, Yun Tianxiao managed to stand up with his blood-covered body. He glanced at Han Li with a gaze full of fright.

With a pale face, Yun Tianxiao said, “Well, since I cannot stop you, feel free to take Wen Siyue away. However, let’s get the unpleasant matters out of the way first. She already caught the eye of a Senior and was being prepared as a cultivation vessel. After you take her away, don’t be afraid of any calamities you attract.” Soon after, he took out several talismans and slapped them onto his body. With a flashes of green light, his wounds healed at a visible rate.

‘Cultivation vessel?’ Han Li suddenly realized why Wen Siyue desired to depart.

However, Han Li’s expression suddenly grew cold from the implicit meaning of Yun Tianxiao’s words.

Han Li said with an unchanged expression, “There is someone else that fancies her? That’s no problem. I’ll take her anyways. Though, it would be better if Fellow Daoist kept his threats to a minimum. Otherwise, blood will be shed if my mood takes a turn for the worse.” He then casually swept his gaze across the room.

Han Li’s threats weren’t entirely plausible. If it weren’t for the fact that so many Core Formation cultivators were present, Han Li would’ve clearly killed the lot of them to tie up all the loose ends. However, he wasn’t completely confident in being able to kill them all. As such, he could only use his heavy words to intimidate those that were present.

If his previous attack had left the others bewildered, then his current tone had aroused suspicion that Han Li was a Nascent Soul cultivator. The cultivators present became anxious and they quickly lowered their heads. None dared to meet Han Li’s gaze.

Yun Tianxiao naturally also thought of this possibility. He appeared to be an early Core Formation cultivator, but had nearly taken his life with a single strike. Additionally, he wanted to find the nest of a grade eight demon beast. When he made the connection, he suddenly began to inwardly curse without end.

Wen Siyue, still in Han Li’s embrace, suddenly widened her beautiful eyes and her body jolted straight.

She would rather die than become someone else’s cultivation vessel. As a result, she had decided to risk her life in that previous display. However, she completely hadn’t expected this cultivator surnamed Li to possess such a frightening cultivation. He was able to suppress all the cultivators present by himself and in a single terrifying move, he gravely injured Yun Tianxiao and left Lady Fan with a faceful of terror. This was all such a delightfu

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