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The jet-black octagonal hammer simply emitted a thread of sparkling blue flame in response to being caught by the cauldron. The chilliness the flame emitted was downright eerie.

Although Han Li couldn't tell just how powerful the devil flames were, they were by no means ordinary.

Blue flame wrapped around the Heavenvoid Cauldron and rigidly trapped it in the air without the slightest show of effort. No matter how fiercely the hammer flames burned, the blue thread was completely unaffected.

Han Li ignored what was happening above him and turned his sights on the four black streaks that were shooting towards him.

“The Devil Sages?” Han Li muttered silently. A trace of a smile appeared on his face and he shook his sleeve.

Suddenly, several rolls of thunder sounded out, followed by four dense bolts of lightning arcing out from his sleeve. In a flash, they accurately struck the four black streaks.

Several explosions sounded out as four blinding golden flashes ruptured, drowning out the black streaks in an instant. The devil phantoms seemed to have met their weakness and quickly evaporated like morning dew.

This had taken Han Li only a token effort.

In the mere blink of an eye, the azure silhouette behind Han Li raised its hand and produced a small crimson bow in its hand, drawing it back.

A deafening boom shook the air. Blinding red light and countless arrows of flame were released, filling the sky with its barrage.

At that moment, the spike-covered devil saw a skyful of arrows shooting towards it and looked on with fear. It let out a large shout and its body glowed with crimson light.

When the spiked devil finished taking its defensive actions, the barrage struck its barriers.

Countless arrows ruptured on impact and the devil was submerged in flames. Explosions shook the air for a long while, in a display of their terrifying power.

However, the devil within the flames remained unscathed inside its crimson barriers. It took a deep breath and it waved their silver arms, intending on cutting away the crimson flames that surrounded it.

Then, the sounds of thunder struck.

In the devil’s fright, it discovered that a green arrow was shooting towards them in an arc of lightning.

Although the devil didn’t know what the arrow was precisely, it blurred from sight in an attempt to dodge it.

But what the devil failed to sense while they were distracted by the arrow was the black crystal knife that strangely appeared above them. As silently as it appeared, it dropped down and slid itself toward its head.

The spiked devil hadn’t noticed a thing.

Suddenly, the azure silhouette halted their attack and the endless barrage of flame arrows came to a halt.

Baffled by this change and still evading the green arrow, a black streak silently circled one of the devil’s necks like a bolt of lightning and its triangular head toppled off its neck.

The crimson light barrier may as well have been

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