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The massive Narwhal Worm let loose a howl of agony, and a gruesome cavernous mouth suddenly split open on its smooth head. The mouth was filled with sharp vicious fangs, and silver light flashed, upon which a remarkably thick arc of lightning shot forth from within.

The heavenly lightning that had been absorbed by the golden horn like a lightning rod was now being expelled by the demon beast as an attack, and the attack was aimed at none other than Han Li.

"Hmm? It's even attained intelligence? Tsk tsk, looks like this is some kind of mutant spirit beast." As opposed to being alarmed, Han Li was overjoyed to see this.

He rubbed his hands together before raising them at once, and two arcs of lightning as thick as his arm shot forth, crashing into the thick arcs of silver lightning in the blink of an eye.

Following a thunderous boom, the golden and silver lightning intertwined with one another like giant pythons. Thin arcs of electricity flew in all directions and balls of lightning exploded between Han Li and the massive worm, following which all of the lightning completely nullified each other and ceased to exist.

The massive worm seemed to have become even more enraged upon seeing this. Scintillating light radiated from the golden horn on its head, drawing a vast expanse of the heavenly lightning nearby toward it. The lightning was then absorbed into its horn in a frenzy, as if it were accumulating power in preparation for its next attack.

However, Han Li suddenly chuckled coldly before opening his mouth. A small golden sword flew out from within before elongating into a streak of light roughly 10 feet in length, following which it continued to hurtle directly toward the massive worm's head.

The worm seemed to be able to identify this as an extremely powerful attack, and brilliant yellow light emanated from its body as it attempted to squirm back underground. However, the Fire Spirit Thread that had bound its body suddenly flashed with red light and abruptly thickened to form a length of crimson rope.

The rope was as thick as a small tree trunk, and waves of fire surged from the rope, engulfing most of the upper half of the worm's body in the blink of an eye.

The massive worm was plunged into a state of shock and horror as its golden horn suddenly stopped absorbing lightning, blasting out a vast expanse of golden light toward the waves of fire engulfing its body instead.

As the golden light flashed past, large swathes of flames were swept up and also absorbed into the golden horn.

Not only could this giant Narwhal Worm absorb heavenly lightning, it could even do the same to flames.

However, when most of the flames had been absorbed by the giant worm, the golden streak of light that Han Li had unleashed earlier was already upon it. The golden light transformed into a massive sword before crashing down with ferocious might.

The huge worm whipped its head, and its golden horn expanded to more th

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