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"This jade slip contains the secret techniques that will assist in a breakthrough to the Deity Transformation Stage. With your vast knowledge and experience, I'm sure you'll be able to verify its authenticity with ease." A smile reappeared on Wen Qing's face as she raised a hand to hurl forth a streak of green light.

Han Li caught the object to find that it was a palm-sized green jade slip.

He nodded and immediately injected his spiritual sense into the jade slip.

Sure enough, there appeared to be around seven or eight secret techniques and methods in there.

Han Li picked one at random and began to carefully scan through it.

Unbeknownst to Han Li, just as he was verifying the authenticity of the contents in the jade slip, Wen Qing took a glance at Ling Xiaofeng and a hint of a smug look appeared in her eyes. 10 minutes later, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense from within the jade slip, and said, "Indeed, the content is authentic and will be very useful to me."

"Alright, if that's the case, then we have a deal. The two of us still have important matters to attend to, so we won't stay here any longer," Ling Xiaofeng said with an indifferent expression.

"Haha, this place is still part of the Star Palace's territory, so I should be the one bidding farewell to the two of you." Han Li chuckled as he cupped his fist in a salute. He then transformed into a streak of azure light and covered a distance of over 200 feet in a flash.

The speed of his movement evoked a hint of surprise even in the hearts of the Heavenly Star Sages.

As the azure streak of light disappeared into the distance, Wen Qing turned to her Dao Companion, and asked, "No wonder he's so arrogant; he does indeed appear to have the skills to back himself up. What do you think? Will he fall for our trap?"

"As long as he still wants to progress to the Deity Transformation Stage, there's no way he won't fall for the trap. Even though all of the secret techniques we provided to him are genuine, he'll know when he puts them into practice that they'll either provide only an infinitesimal effect, or be impossible to achieve at all. Only the method we provided to use the power of the five elements to break through the bottleneck is plausible, and at his age, if he were to begin cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light now, he should be able to completely master it within his lifetime. Do you think he'll be willing to pass up this shortcut?" A cold smile appeared on Ling Xiaofeng's face.

"That's true. In that secret technique, we briefly mentioned some of the Divine Essencefused Light's special attributes and powers. Even if he isn't interested in progressing to the Deity Transformation Stage, there's still a good chance that he'll be tempted into using this cultivation art. If he plans to cultivate the Divine Essencefused Light, then he must draw upon the power of the Divine Essencefused Mountain and go through the same process we went through. In tha

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