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Han Li's statement was rather perplexing to Mu Peiling's trio.

If he hadn't encountered the black-robed figure from before, then how was he able to immediately identify the second Nascent Soul as the culprit?

In the end, Liu Yu repressed her confusion, and replied, "The one who captured us was indeed your missing second Nascent Soul, Master. Also, the Nascent Soul has possessed a body and possesses a mid-Nascent Soul Stage cultivation base."

A reminiscent look appeared on her face as she spoke.

"It possessed a body? Tell me what that body looks like." Han Li seemed to have been intrigued upon hearing this.

At this point, the two golden lightning wyrms had already cleared out the surrounding black mist, and they shot forth through the air before disappearing into Han Li's body.

The three women were stunned by Han Li's proficient mastery in manipulating lightning.

At their Core Formation Stage cultivation bases, they were already able to manifest their techniques into different forms. However, they were far from being able to manipulate those techniques as if it were second nature, as was clearly the case with Han Li.

After calming her emotions, Liu Yu began to describe the physical appearance of the black-robed figure.

Han Li only had to listen for a brief while to determine that the second Nascent Soul really had possessed that Sovereign Devil Corpse.

His expression remained calm, but he was feeling grave internally.

If it weren't for the Blood Moon Spirit Seeking Technique that he had mastered from the Great Development Treasure Scriptures, it really would've been very difficult for him to find Mu Peiling's trio. This second Nascent Soul knew him extremely well, so he definitely couldn't allow it to remain on the loose. Otherwise, it would surely come back to bite him someday.

With that in mind, after hearing Liu Yu's description, he immediately instructed, "The three of you, leave this place right away and return to the sect. Seeing as this second Nascent Soul has already returned to the Heavenly South Region, I'm definitely going to have to capture it. I have to search carefully through this inner valley, and it's best if I did that alone."

"Martial Uncle Han, that Nascent Soul's cultivation base is not inferior to yours. You should recruit some more assistance before you attempt to capture it. Otherwise... Huh? Martial Uncle Han, your cultivation base..." Song Yu had unconsciously swept her spiritual sense toward Han Li, and her expression immediately changed drastically

Upon hearing Song Yu's startled voice, Mu Peiling and Liu Yu also assessed Han Li's cultivation base with their spiritual sense, upon which they were also naturally given a massive surprise.

Only after a long while did Mu Peiling manage to somewhat recover from her shock, and she asked with an incredulous expression, "My Lord, you're already a great cultivator now?"

"I forgot that the three of you aren't yet aw

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