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Han Li turned his gaze and he looked at the face of the tall refined corpse. Then he looked at the man wearing Wan Tianming’s clothes before letting out a long sigh.

Apart from their stature, their faces looked entirely the same.

“Should I call you Wan Tianming or Archsaint Six Paths?” Han Li blinked and wore a grave expression.

“You figured out who I am?” ‘Wan Tianming’ coldly snorted. The movement of his body caused the six devil phantoms behind him to tremble.

“To the best of my knowledge, the Six Apex Devils Art is the greatest Devil Dao art in the Scattered Star Seas, and only you could have cultivated it to this degree. It seems you’ve somehow managed to survive during that time, but there are a few things that I don’t understand. How did you seize Wan Tianming’s body, and how did you transform into his likeness? Why does this refined corpse resemble you? Could it be an incarnation you cultivated or did you refine your own body into a corpse devil?” As Han Li slowly spoke, he regained his calm demeanor.

Archsaint Six Paths sinisterly laughed, “Why should I answer a dead man?” Soon after, his shoulders trembled and two of the six phantoms from behind him shot towards two of the refined corpses.

The two refined corpses suddenly trembled and they stiffly opened their eyes, revealing them completely stained dark green.

Archsaint Six Paths continued, chanting a cryptic and profound incantation, causing the somewhat shriveled corpses to be engulfed in grey devilish Qi.

The two corpses let out a piercing shriek and their bodies massively grew.

In the blink of an eye, their bodies expanded to fifteen meters in height as they groaned in agony.

One of the corpses had a body that was jet-black with large copper scales. It had a pair of sharp antelope horns and a long azure tail that slightly waved. The other corpse had its body covered in blood-red bone spokes. Silver light shined from its limbs as if cast from silver. Its triangular head bore a sinister appearance with four slender dark-green eyes.

After their transformation, the two refined corpses appeared completely similar to the two devil phantoms that entered their bodies. But shockingly, they now possessed a true physical form.

When Han Li saw this, his heart trembled.

Archsaint Six Paths wildly laughed, “When the Six Apex Devils Art is cultivated to its peak, it can summon the true devil sages’ soul fragments to possess a body, rendering them abilities that could rival a Deity Transformation cultivator in battle. It was only there was never a human in the mortal world that ever cultivated to that stage. Even so, the two devils I’ve summoned each possess the ability of a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. Now that you are outnumbered, do you believe that you can keep your life?” With a command of his spiritual sense, the two devils floating in front of him suddenly vanished from sight.

The space three meters in front of Han Li warped, follow

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