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He looked at the badge, then at the bewildered expressions on the faces of the other stewards, and a wry smile appeared on his face as he said, "It's a voice transmission talisman from the grand elder commanding us to gather all of the materials stipulated in the jade slip within three days. From the sounds of it, it appears that the grand elder is going to be using these materials for tool-refinement purposes, and they seem to be rather uncommon. Senior Martial Brothers, it looks like we'll have to drop everything for now and fulfill the grand elder's orders first."

All of the other cultivators were startled to hear this.

"If this is an order from the grand elder, then we'll naturally have to prioritize it. Check the list of materials in the jade slip, and if we have them, bring them out of our storage unit right away. If not, immediately head to the Ancient Sword Sect and Hundred Possibilities Pavilion to see if they have them. In particular, the Hundred Possibilities Pavilion cultivators are very proficient in tool-refinement, so they should have any materials that we're missing. This must be rather urgent or the grand elder wouldn't be giving us only three days to gather everything," an elderly man in grey robes instructed in a decisive manner.

The other cultivators all nodded emphatically in response.

After delegating some duties among themselves, the Foundation Establishment stewards all leaped onto their treasures and flew out of the pavilion, hurrying away to gather the materials detailed in the jade slip.

Three days later, the blue-robed cultivator arrived at the interconnected peaks with a bulging storage pouch filled with the required materials, but was naturally kept out by the restriction around the peaks.

This Foundation Establishment disciple released a voice transmission talisman before waiting on the spot, holding the storage pouch in both hands in a respectful manner.

After roughly 10 minutes had passed, the mist that had been manifested from the restriction suddenly began to tumble and surge, immediately following which a burst of azure light shot forth from within.

Spiritual light flashed, and the storage pouch in the blue-robed cultivator's hands was swept away.

The blue-robed cultivator's heart stirred upon seeing this, and he hurriedly bowed several times toward the mist before flying away atop his treasure.

Peace and tranquility resumed over the interconnected peaks, as if nothing had ever happened.

In his cave abode, Han Li stowed away his humanoid puppet before using his spiritual sense to assess the contents of the storage pouch in his hand.

A short while later, a content expression appeared on Han Li's face as he murmured to himself, "Not bad; they really did manage to get everything. Looks like these sect stewards are quite capable."

"You're the grand elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect, so they naturally wouldn't dare to delay in executing your orders. I'm rather sur

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