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In the face of the tempting proposition, Han Li didn't appear overly ecstatic. Instead, he asked in a cold voice, "What do you want in exchange? You're not just going to teach me the refinement method free of charge, are you?"

"I want you to try and remove the assimilation effect the Heavenvoid Cauldron has had on me, and I also want you to protect me for a while before you pass away or ascend to a higher realm. I already have an eighth grade cultivation base, but I've been in the Heavenvoid Cauldron this entire time, so I haven't been able to experience my metamorphosis lightning tribulation. It's going to be a little dangerous to face the tribulation on my own, so I'm most likely going to need your help to transcend it." The Endless Sky Beast rattled off a string of conditions at once.

"That's all?" Han Li's expression remained unchanged.

"If I ask for more than that, you're most likely going to consider killing me, right?" the Endless Sky Beast chuckled.

"Alright, if those are all of the conditions that you have, then I can certainly agree to them. However, with regard to helping you escape the Heavenvoid Cauldron, that has to wait until right before I pass away or prepare to ascend. You have no problems with that, do you?" Han Li considered the pros and cons for a short while before deciding to agree.

"None whatsoever! You've made a very wise decision, Fellow Daoist. There's no need for us to turn on each other, so it's much better for us to be mutually beneficial to one another. As a gesture of my sincerity, I can bestow upon you this beveled silver text first." The Endless Sky Beast was clearly greatly relieved and it began to laugh heartily.

"That would be good." Han Li turned to the golden talisman in his hand and gladly accepted the Endless Sky Beast's offer.

However, he suddenly patted his waist following a brief moment of contemplation, and an azure bag appeared in his hand.

It was none other than Patriarch Golden Flower's storage pouch.

Han Li swept this spiritual sense through the pouch and all of its contents were revealed to him.

Moments later, he rustled the bag and a burst of azure light erupted from within as several jade slips shot forth, all of which were of different colors.

Han Li immediately checked carefully through the cultivation arts and secret techniques recorded within the jade slips, appearing as if he had completely forgotten about the Endless Sky Beast in the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

The beast was very considerate and didn't say anything to disrupt Han Li during this time.

A short while later, Han Li raised his eyebrows and withdrew his spiritual sense from the final jade slip, upon which a puzzled looked appeared on his face.

He hadn't found anything related to this golden talisman from within these jade slips.

Could it be that Patriarch Golden Flower hadn't refined this talisman, and had instead obtained it elsewhere? With that notion in mind, Han Li fell

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