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"Oh? Are you interested in a share as well?" Han Li turned to him with a slight smile on his face.

"I can't say I personally know all of the renowned cultivators in the Scattered Star Seas, but I certainly know all of their voices or appearances off by heart, yet I've never heard of anyone like you! Eh? Wait, you seem to be a little familiar!" Patriarch Golden Flower responded coldly at first before carefully surveying Han Li again, upon which his brows furrowed and a hint of bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

Han Li's pupils contracted abruptly upon hearing this and a cold light as sharp as daggers appeared in his eyes.

"Seeing as you've claimed the treasures here, I'll leave Man Huzi's cave abode to you. Let's go!" After a moment of contemplation, a thought suddenly occurred to Patriarch Golden Flower, upon which his expression changed minutely and he suddenly decided to back down.

The three Core Formation cultivators present were all slightly flabbergasted by this turn of events.

Golden light shimmered from around his body, sweeping up the woman beside him without any explanation, as he prepared to fly into the distance.

However, right at this moment, Han Li suddenly raised his hand without any warning. A burst of azure light shot forth from his hand, crashing violently toward Patriarch Golden Flower's head in a flash.

As such, this Patriarch Golden Flower's attempt to escape was naturally thwarted. In his shock and fury, he let loose a loud roar as he summoned his golden shield again, which transformed into a barrier of golden light before him.

Following a resounding boom, a ball of golden light exploded in the air, emitting such piercing light that everyone was forced to reflexively close their eyes and hurtle back in retreat, not daring to stare directly into the light in fear of being blinded.

However, after the light receded, Patriarch Golden Flower's stumbling figure was revealed. The golden shield before him had been damaged, yet the woman behind him was completely unscathed.

He had managed to block Han Li's attack.

"What are you doing, Fellow Daoist? I've already left all of the treasures here to you, so why are you still attacking me?" Patriarch Golden Flower roared with an enraged expression.

"Why? You think I'll let you go after you've identified me?" Han Li chuckled coldly.

Killing intent welled up in his heart and he didn't waste any more time with words as he slapped the storage pouch hanging from his waist. A monk staff shot forth, disappearing in a flash before instantly reappearing above Patriarch Golden Flower's head. Han Li made a hand seal and began to chant something. Brilliant yellow light erupted from the monk staff as it swelled to over 100 feet in length before crashing down with devastating might.

It was like a small mountain falling from above. Even prior to its initial descent, the surrounding space had begun to twist and warp, and there was even a sharp ring

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