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A thunderous boom erupted as an arc of lightning descended from the dark cloud like a gargantuan sword, directly striking the apex of the demonic hurricane.

Silver light flashed, and the greyish-white hurricane tremored violently before it was sliced apart down the middle.

The lightning and the hurricane disappeared in unison, and the demon beast's figure was revealed again.

At this moment, it had coiled its body up into a ball, and its appearance was also slightly different from before as it had grown a pair of purple fleshy wings and muscular green arms on the sides of the body.

Han Li stared at it for a long while, but was still unable to draw any connection with this beast and any of the legendary heavenly spirit beasts.

The Endless Sky Beast looked up at the thick bolts of lightning in the sky as it gently flapped its new purple wings. With each and every flap of its wings, a ball of demonic Qi would appear around it, and its body was completely enshrouded within grey Qi in the blink of an eye.

The bolts of lightning in the sky seemed to have finally reached a point where there was no going back, and arcs of lightning that were each over a foot in size descended from above amid deafening thunderclaps. The lightning fell in dense waves, enshrouding the entire area in a radius of over five kilometers. Even the spectating Han Li wasn't exempt from the scope of the lightning strikes.

Han Li exhaled lightly as he made a hand seal. A dull thunderclap erupted as a golden net of lightning appeared. The net then expanded drastically, transforming into a massive golden net that shielded Han Li's entire body beneath it.

An arc of lightning struck the golden next from above, upon which golden and silver light flashed before instantly vanishing. In the aftermath of that lightning strike, the golden net tremored gently, but remained completely unscathed.

Han Li paid no heed to this as he continued to look up at the ball of greyish white demonic Qi through narrowed eyes.

Even though he had been swept up in the scope of the lightning strike, the majority of the lightning arcs were still crashing down toward the Han Li. The demon beast was at the very center of the blast area, and the bolts of lightning striking down upon it was many times that of the lightning that Han Li had to deal with.

With Han Li's spirit eyes, he was able to see that the cloud of greyish-white Qi had been completely inundated by silver light. The arcs of lightning were falling like rain, and there was simply no way to evade them.

Han Li's face remained expressionless, but he was quite surprised internally.

He had witnessed a metamorphosis stage lightning tribulation once before in the Scattered Star Seas, which was when that demonic tortoise that he had slain was transcending its tribulation. However, the commotion from that tribulation couldn't even compare to this one and at the time, the demonic tortoise had already reached the

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