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Han Li raised a hand, and the crimson ball of light immediately whizzed through the air toward him before landing obediently in the center of his palm.

Han Li raised his other hand, and a spluttering sound erupted as purple flames instantly surfaced along his entire arm, quickly encompassing his whole body.

Thus, a massive purple fireball came tumbling down directly from above.

The fireball that Han Li had transformed into was able to completely disregard the scorching crimson lava down below, landing with a loud thump before disappearing into the lava lake. A massive splash erupted over the surface of the lake, but it soon reverted back to its peaceful and tranquil state, as if nothing had ever happened.

At this point, Han Li had already reached a depth of over 100 feet down into the lava, and he continued to descend even further.

Even though he had been completely submerged in lava, his Purple Apex Flames, which were a glacial flame, were able to easily keep the scorching temperatures at bay.

After diving down for over 2,000 feet, Han Li finally reached the lakebed, and his feet landed on the ground, which was lined with solid black rocks.

He looked around and was unable to see anything aside from vast expanses of crimson in all directions.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he injected his spiritual power into his eyes, upon which a blue light flashed within the depths of his pupils. He had unleashed his Brightsight Spirit Eyes.

After surveying his surroundings once again, Han Li raised the crimson jade plate in his hand. The jade plate swayed before rattling incessantly toward a certain direction, as if it were attempting to break free from his grasp.

Han Li immediately flew toward that direction, and after flying for a certain distance, the jade plate suddenly stopped rattling, abruptly plummeting downward instead.

Han Li was able to react in time and caught the jade plate again. Only then was he able to prevent it from escaping the protective cocoon formed by the purple flames. At the same time, he also cast his gaze directly below himself.

His expression changed slightly as he raised a hand, upon which a piercing burst of golden light shot forth, heading directly toward the lakebed.

Following a resounding boom, a massive rift around 70 to 80 feet in length was sliced into the seemingly normal lakebed.

Blue light immediately radiated from within the rift, warding off all of the scorching lava.

There was a light barrier restriction beneath this lakebed.

Han Li was ecstatic upon seeing this, and he immediately dove toward the light barrier without any hesitation.

The blue light barrier clearly wasn't an extremely sophisticated restriction as his Purple Apex Flames were able to easily burn a large hole of around 10 feet in diameter into its surface.

Han Li immediately flashed through that hole and appeared on the other side of the light barrier.

The blue light barrier immedi

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