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“Elder Swift Crane and Fire Dragon Island’s Huang Kun? They didn’t die from a demon beast ambush at Green Spirit Island?” The old woman said with a start.

Wan Tianming coldly chuckled and slowly explained, “That is what we say to outsiders. In truth, according to our cultivators on Green Spirit Island, the two elders never made an appearance on the island on the day of the demon beast invasion. Rather there were people from Lightning Sky Island that reported a sighting of Han Li on the same day that Swift Crane and Huang Kun mysteriously disappeared. Their lifesoul tokens in the alliance’s possession were also extinguished. As for the demon beast invasion of Green Spirit Island, that was an unrelated affair that occurred after.”

The old woman remained stunned for a while and slowly said, “Even if that is the case, those two were partners to the death. Would it have been a difficult task?”

“It is true, we have no evidence that he was the one who did it. But if the cultivator who broke through the formation was truly Han Li, and he possesses the ability of a grand cultivator, then that guess should mostly be correct.” A cold light glinted from Wan Tianming’s eyes and his voice turned gloomy.

“If this person truly reached late-Nascent Soul stage and has the Heavenvoid Cauldron in his possession, and Brother Wan also only became a late-Nascent Soul cultivator recently...” As Old Man Long muttered this, worry was betrayed on his face.

Wan Tianming chuckled and spoke unperturbed, “Since I know this person, how could I not have a plan to respond? Be at ease. If he arrives, leave him to me. I won’t say that I have complete certainty to kill him, but I am confident I will defeat him.”

The two elders exchanged a glance and betrayed astonishment from their faces, but relief soon appeared on their faces.

Since this was said by the sect leader of a grand sect, his words should hold true.

“If you’re saying that, then we are assured. We’ll deal with the others.” The old woman wore a sinister smile.

Wan Tianming eventually turned around and wore an odd expression on his face. “I will feel at ease to hand over the ordinary problems and the formation core to you two Fellow Daoists. But do you plan on fighting with your backs against the wall? There will be many high-grade cultivators targeting the formation core. As such, I will request for assistance to help you two defend the formation core.”

Startled, the old man yelped, “Assistance? You mean...”

Wan Tianming didn’t directly reply, but rather raised his hand, releasing a giant fireball from his sleeve. It ruptured high in the air in a flourish of vermillion flame. This eye-catching scene was noticed by all the cultivators nearby the huge pillar, arousing some discussion amongst them.

As these people were bewildered, something happened above them. A charming voice spoke from a ten-meter-long that appeared. “Brother, Fellow Daoist Wan has summoned us! It seems the

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