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Wei Wuya's eyes narrowed as he asked, "We fell to a disadvantage? Even you think that to be true?"

"What do you mean? Could it be that you and Concord really were unable to defeat that Han brat?" Master Sunreach exclaimed.

"You think far too highly of me, Brother Sunreach. Even after we joined forces, we were only able to last a short while before both of us were completely crushed," Wei Wuya replied with a wooden expression.

"That's impossible! No matter how powerful that Han brat is, he's still just a new late-Nascent Soul cultivator. It would already be extraordinary if his combat prowess were slightly superior to one of ours. How could it be the case that both of you combined were unable to defeat him?" Master Sunreach shook his head vehemently, refusing to believe this.

A fearful look flashed through Wei Wuya's eye as he said, "I take no pleasure in admitting mine and Concord's inability to match a new great cultivator; do you think there's any reason for me to lie to you? Also, you can laugh at me all you want, but I'm not afraid to tell you that this man is unfathomably powerful. On the surface, it appeared that we suffered a close defeat, but he hadn't even used his full power yet. I could sense that if he wanted to, he could've killed Concord and myself right there and then."

Master Sunreach was completely rooted to the spot upon hearing that.

"Of course, if you don't believe me, you're free to head to the Drifting Cloud Sect and challenge him for yourself. Hehe, you came all this way here from the Great Truth Sect, so I suppose that must be what you're planning to do already." A cold smile suddenly appeared on Wei Wuya's face.

Master Sunreach's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, but he didn't refute that assumption, indicating that Wei Wuya had indeed been right.

"If I were you, I would save myself the humiliation. In any case, I'm about to reach the end of my lifespan anyway, so no matter how powerful that Han brat is, it doesn't matter to me. However, you and Old Devil Concord will most likely be around for many more years, so I'd advise you not to get on that man's bad side," Wei Wuya said calmly.

"What? You're about to reach the end of your lifespan, Brother Wei?" Master Sunreach faltered slightly before a shocked expression appeared on his face.

"Indeed. I reached the late-Nascent Soul Stage over 200 years earlier than you two did, so it's only natural that I'll be passing on ahead of you two. It'll probably happen sometime during the next few years. You and Concord still have some time and perhaps there's a chance for you two to reach the Deity Transformation Stage." A slightly dejected look appeared on Wei Wuya's face.

"Brother Wei, you..." Master Sunreach wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say, and a complex expression appeared on his face.

"Regardless of how powerful we become, everything will come to an end as long as we haven't attained the Great D

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