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Han Li swept his gaze around him before flicking a finger, upon which a burst of azure sword Qi flew toward a rock on the lakebed.

A loud thump rang out and before the sword Qi had even struck the rock, a layer of faint blue light appeared down below, keeping the sword Qi at bay.

However, this layer of blue light was extremely feeble and only lasted a few seconds before it was sliced open by the sword Qi. The entire barrier of light then disintegrated into spots of light before disappearing.

Down below, the rock disappeared in a flash as if it had merely been an illusion. However, a five-colored barrier of light took its place, encompassing an area with a radius of over 1,000 feet on the lakebed. Spiritual light of all types of colors surged erratically over the surface of the light barrier, making it impossible for anyone to identify what lay beneath the barrier.

Han Li could detect immense spiritual power emanating from the light barrier and his eyes narrowed as he stroked his chin.

That blue light barrier was just a simple illusionary restriction. That one had most likely been set up by the three Core Formation cultivators recently, while this five-colored light barrier down below was a restriction that had actually been put in place by Man Huzi himself.

At the time, Man Huzi only had a Nascent Soul left and was rushing to pass on to the afterlife, so he naturally didn't have time to tell Han Li the method to get past this restriction.

It appeared that he would just have to break through it with brute force.

However, it was quite apparent that this restriction had been materialized using the power of the five elements, so even with his powers, it would still be a slightly troublesome prospect.

With that in mind, Han Li didn't hesitate any longer. He made a hand seal and the silver light flashed within the storage pouch hanging from his waist, following which a humanoid figure emerged behind him.

It was none other than that humanoid puppet!

36 golden flying swords then shot forth from Han Li's sleeve before converging amid a ringing sound, forming a massive golden sword that was over 100 feet in length.

An incantation seal was cast onto the surface of the giant sword.

A loud rumbling erupted as an arc of golden lightning as thick as an arm surfaced from the giant sword. The lightning circled around before transforming into an extremely life-like lightning python.

The python revolved around the giant sword several times before raising its neck and emitting a hissing sound, creating quite a formidable sight to behold.

On the other side, the humanoid puppet raised a hand to summon a red bow, while its other drew the bow with a small green arrow already nocked on the bowstring.

A loud thunderclap erupted as a golden arc of lightning also surfaced over the small arrow, flashing and writhing in an erratic manner.

A serious look appeared on Han Li's face as he pointed his finger tow

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